Global Climate Change in the Midwest How can we control it?

The effect of global climate change is huge, especially here in Iowa. With the rise of temperatures and decreases in water have many farmers wondering how do we stop it? Well the answer is you can't. But you can help prevent it. Here are 3 ways to prevent global climate change in Indianola.

1. Try to prevent wasting water around the house. Take shorter showers, and don't leave the water on while your brushing your teeth because that water would have gone to the livestock for them to drink. More than 60% of the cow's body is water and they average 5 to 10 gallons a day. And it's more than double that on a hot day. More than 4,000 cows each year die in Iowa because of dehydration. And with the increasing need of water for the cows the death toll is rising.

2. Try to prevent carbon dioxide from going in the atmosphere. The way to do this is to not take a car to work everyday if you live close, or limit the use of air conditioning on a 60 degree day. Because eventually all of those things add up which contribute to making the atmosphere warmer which makes the weather warmer which affects the crops, livestock, and wildlife here in Iowa. Because if the weather gets warmer we experience a drought which makes the ground dry, which might contribute to a forest fire, or bush fire.

3. Stop the spread of disease and famine by keeping the livestock healthy. Since the temperature has been rising farmers have been seeing a lot more illness within livestock. The reason for this is because of the heat. As the temperature rises the pests and invasive species have become immune to the dreadful heat which hurts our crops and livestock. The way to stop this is to use a lot of pesticide and chemicals to keep these crops clean from the weeds and bugs. The way to stop them from infecting livestock is to keep them healthy. The way to do this relates back to reason 1, clean water. If the livestock have clean water they won't be prone to such illnesses.


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