Gartner Gulf Newsletter March 30, 2017

A picture paints a thousand words.

The team spirit here and support to achieve our mission has been incredible and together we’ve closed over $1m NCVI in March. 3X March 2016!!

Enjoy the incredible stories that support our regions priorities and look forward to the team recognition that will follow.

You’re reading this and so played a part in our regions Q1 success. Great work and a massive THANK YOU!!




Rasheed Yaser Jamjoom (Business Development Director) - Ministry of Haj ($267.0K) MY!

A recognition message from Mazen Ballout (RVP):

A great 1st Deal for Rasheed Jamjoom in his first month with Gartner. Rasheed joined as BDE and he was territory live last week of February by the time Dubai Symposium was kicked off. A day before Symposium Rasheed have told me if I get the CIO of ministry of Hajj to Symposium I am sure I will convert him to client, With Help of Ahmad Alamer including the Ministry of Hajj CIO in the list of Al Elm we got him to come in the night before the first day of Symposium to Dubai.

Rasheed did a great job in making the CIO 3 days a great Journey and the best ever by leveraging resources to peer network with CIO, choosing the sessions aligned to his MCP and have for him the most powerful POC in the 1:1 sessions with Analysts including EP POCs.

The CIO finished his day 1 amazed by the value of the content he received and during his Dinner with Rasheed he told him I am convinced. Toward the 3 days Rasheed continued involving the CIO with putting additional urgency to sign the contract, just before the final Keynote Rasheed leverage the presence of David Godfrey and DJ to drive the signing ceremony for a 250K NCVI. Great work Rasheed, what a great start with a big net new Deal, feel proud of this achievement as we do all!

Best regards, Mazen

Abdulghafor Alsaeed (AE): Insurance Authority ($147K)

Abdulghafor Alsaeed (AE)

A recognition message from Ramzi Fakhereddine (AM):

Insurance Authority is a great win for Abd Alsaeed at a 147k $; it is an outcome of a long sales cycle that demonstrated Abd’s perseverance to overcome challenges during a sales cycle to deliver on his commitment.

To start with, Abd managed to build a trust based relationship with the Director General of the Authority. This shows Abd’s TBVA capabilities which helped him overcome many challenges during the contract negotiations.

Abd also worked in collaboration with other LOB’s including EXP and Legal. Earlier in the sales cycle, Abd leveraged the EP POC and managed to deliver a good POC with Hilmi Rifaii which helped the Director General of IA and his team to see Gartner’s value early on.

Abd worked closely with Yosr Hamza to finalise a very challenging contract and a very tough legal team; contract negotiations went on for over than a month.

I want to extend our appreciation to Yosr Hamza who went through multiple reviews with the client’s legal department and took calls during her leave and at late hours to help Abd meet his commitment and close the business in the month of March itself. Many thanks Yosr.

Abd, this is your first deal in 2017 and a very well-deserved 10,000 $ Bonus, I am sure many deals will follow this one. Looking at your pipeline, It looks very promising and am sure you will be among the top achievers of 2017.

Congratulations Abd and well done.

regards, Ramzi Fakhereddine

Stefano Ferrara (AE): Injazat ($108.4K) MY - EXP+GTP

Stefano Ferrara (AE)

A recognition message from Fadi Jaber (AM):

Think BIG, Execute Flawlessly and Persevere. Well Done Stefano on this deal. This is a great example of Growth Through Accounts, Stefano, was able to understand their transformation plans and goals clearly. He mapped out the solution by meeting all the team members involved in the transformation.

He was able to communicate this plan to the CEO & CFO, and mutually agree with clear steps on how Gartner will be key to the transformation. He rallied all our resources from EXP, Symposium, Majestic, BYB, Compliance, Analysts (Santosh Rao & Julie Short) and David Godfrey to demonstrate our capabilities against their transformation. Injazat was even a DMT situation where the CEO is new. This was also a C/R with 108k Growth. It was also a non-compliant and he was able to leverage the rules to get the deal.

Stefano has literally needed to execute ALL the Steps in our Pathway to Gold from engaging them, executing retention lifecycle, Seize High Leveraged situation, TBVA at the highest level CEO & CFO, Sell Team solution, Drove High Activities within the account, converted the prospect from Symposium, and leveraged the rules. WOW! This is one the best deals I have seen in Gartner. Well Done!

I would like to thank our ExP team, Arnold for supporting the PoC. Majestic Program - Chiaralba Bollini & Ramzi Fakhereddine, David Godfrey's support in meeting them during Symposium, Manfred for GTP, Santosh Roa, Brian Prentice & Gorge Lopez for the PoC from our research team. All of our events team and Symposium Dubai our biggest opportunity for Growth.


Chris Abi Khalil (BDM): Aramex 'ADDITIONAL SEAT' ($45k) today on top of 27th $80K deal!

Chris Abi Khalil (BDM)

A recognition message from Mohy Shams (AM):

Good Afternoon Team,

Christian Abi Khalil does it again…. Chris just secured an additional seat in Aramex with the Head of Digital with a GITL seat at $45k NCVI!! This takes the total net new deal with Aramex at $125k for a 1st April start, securing Chris’ $10,000 bonus!!!!

This has been such a hard fought deal that Chris has driven in true Gartner style – seizing the opportunity there & then to close, off the momentum of closing $80k with Aramex earlier this week!

The beautiful part of this deal was that a new and time pressing inactive around ‘Customer Persona’ was uncovered in Chris’ meeting with the Head of Digital & was able to show immediate value of how Gartner’s research can help now. Chris’ super clock speed kicked in & he seized the moment by opening and highlighted how the research document can support him around ‘customer persona’. The client was blown away and he then opened up and explained how the concept of employing a Data Scientist is of high importance to him also, which is another excellent topic area Gartner can help with.

This one meeting was enough for the Head of Digital to sign off $45k out of his own budget in 1 day & staying true to his word – returned the signed paperwork this morning!

Aramex has been such a great example of how to set up our AE partners for massive growth. This account will be adding additional seats and it’s a great example of how the BD team is lining up fantastic growth accounts for AEs to grow the CV through delivery of value. The current opportunity in this account has only been surfaced, whereby there is still $150k that is waiting to convert with a little more time and value delivery.

Chris – you have done an amazing job in this account and you are handing over a fantastic example of a growth account to our AE partners with impeccable demonstration of ValueSelling and closing skills!

Great job for securing this important win & huge congratulations for securing your $10,000 bonus!!!!

Best, Mohy

Chris Abi Khalil (BDM)

... below was the original ARAMEX deal on Mar 27th (Monday)

the original recognition message from Mohy Shams (AM):

As we are racing towards the end of the month and closing our gaps every day to secure our bonuses or get that little bit further ahead to secure WC in Q2. Our very own Christian Abi Khalil closed Aramex for $80,000 NCVI (EXP), receiving the contract late last night!!!

This is a deal that Chris has been working on tirelessly and the level of ValueSelling he has demonstrated is second to none. To confirm this, if you ask Chris anything about this account, he will instantly know the answer. He has gone through their annual reports to uncover their MCP and understands the intricate details of the initiatives that align to their MCP and what’s getting in the way of achieving this. In fact, one of the comments from the senior leadership team in Aramex told me is that Chris seems to know more about Aramexs’ strategy then himself!! Chris knows this account inside out and one of the ‘WOW’ moments was when Chris presented to the CEO by pulling up their investor report, using their language and helping the CEO understand where Gartner fits in (attached). To me, this was a perfect display of confidence, conviction and articulation of Gartner’s proposition aligned to the real MCPs of an organization.

This is a testament to Chris’ ability to get in high in the organizations meeting directly with the CEO and in addition, confidently presenting in front of a room of 20+ senior executives that was hosted by Aramex to showcase Gartner’s value to the wider team. This workshop was supported by Ed Gabrys who executed flawlessly during the Digital workshop, engaging the audience with thought provoking insights. Dr Hilmi has been working in the background to demonstrate value to our new & super happy client who did a great job in Symposium and during the workshop also.

Chris has been incredibly resourceful by leveraging John Kost, Andrew Chadwick, Dr Hilmi and Ed Gabrys to engage with Aramex at the highest level. Chris is on a mission to close out additional seats by the end of this month in order to secure his bonus, whereby the CEO shook Chris’ hand on doing a $320k deal, bringing on 4 seatholders altogether. However, the urgency and intensified pain that Chris has created for one of the seatholders meant that he could not wait and needed Gartner NOW – hence returning a signed agreement for 1 seat to help address him immediate problem that Gartner can help with!

Chris – Huge congrats on winning this incredibly important and strategic account for Gartner. You have done such an amazing job in working with all the relevant stakeholders to craft such a great image of Gartner in their mind. You have persevered through ups and downs with this account and you’ve got yourself a great win! I know you’re not done and you have more out there, which I’m confident you will do whatever it takes to secure it!

Thank you to the wider lines of business that have supported Chris on this deal;

  • John Kost
  • Ed Gabrys
  • Dr Hilmi
  • Andrew Chadwick

Without your involvement in continuously working as One Gartner & showcasing Gartner’s value, we would not have been able to secure this important client win. You will see this account grow and grow and it’s down to the foundations being put in place from now.

Well done again Chris – you should be really proud of the great work you’ve put into securing this deal!

Happy closing team!

Donato Manella (BDD): GlobeCom ($56K) MY!

Donato Manella (BDD)

A recognition message from Mohy Shams (AM):

Good Afternoon Team,

As there is so much hype in the Dubai office with Chris closing an additional seat with Aramex, Donato Manella is our front line soldier closing deals in Oman!

I’m so thrilled to state that Donato has closed his 3rd NCVI deal in March with a great $56k NCVI (multi-year) + $4k XREV deal with GlobeCom – pictured above with a super happy new client!!!

Donato has been non-stop driving high activity, qualifying hard, understanding his gaps and closing them by being incredibly resourceful. Donato has the mindset of an absolute champion, not just because he’s closed 3 NCVI deals in March, but for small things where his resourceful mindset kicks in. For example, there is no Local Briefing event in Oman or Bahrain, therefore he could either complain and make excuses that there are no resources to help, but Donato decided to invite all of his Bahrain prospects to the Local Briefing taking place in Saudi Arabia which is a few hours’ drive away!!! This is just one of many examples of Donato’s mindset when it comes to being resourceful and doing whatever it takes to get the job done!

Donato walked me through how this deal happened and he explained to me that one of the main reasons why this deal closed today is because of our Rockstar Gartner analyst, Santhosh Rao!!!! He was instrumental to articulate the value of Gartner & gave confidence to the client in how he would deliver value to support the clients mission critical priority, which convinced the client that they need to be a client now! The credibility, commitment and knowledge that Santhosh brings to the region is second to none and it’s really appreciated.

It doesn’t surprise me that Donato gave me this feedback because Santhosh has proactively been working with our team to collaborate and support, which is a breath of fresh air.

Santhosh – thank you sir!

However, NCVI is a team sport and this would not have happened without the support of DealHub (Kiran Maistry!) working late nights and responding as quick as he can to sales requests. Kiran hasn’t just supported Donato on this deal but with many others across our BD team and is a true champion of ‘NCVI IS A TEAM SPORT!’

Kiran – thank you for your support & commitment!

This takes Donato to be the top BD in The Elite Team writing a whopping $146k NCVI (and $4k xrev!), securing his $10,000 bonus and helping the region push the boundaries of writing a record breaking Q1 growth! Thank you for your commitment, dedication and contribution to the team Donato – huge congratulations!!!

Mohammed Sarah (Sr. AE): SAAB EXP Basic 62.8K MY

Mohammed Sarah (Sr. AE)
Mohammed Sarah (Sr. AE)

A recognition message from Tarik Imam (AM):

By this Deal Mohammad has set a new definition for Perseverance, Saudi British Bank (SABB) is the extension of HSBC in Saudi, Not the easiest scenario for a sales person to convince take a local decision, Not to mention the recent changes at their C-Level and what that introduces as a challenge.

HSBC Client Director and Sales learning Resources were helping factors that Mohammad has smartly leveraged to decipher this Opportunity , And by this Deal Mohammad is the first in my team who hits his plan and secures Fast start Bonus, Congrats Mohammad on a Rock Solid start of 2017, This is certainly setting the required Foundation for the planned Club 300/Eagle.

Tarik Imam

Area Manager - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Daoud Abu Qasheh (Sr. AE)

Daoud Abu Qasheh (Sr. AE)

A welcome message from Ramzi Fakhereddine (AM):

Dear All, It gives me a great pleasure to welcome Daoud Abu Qasheh to Gartner Gulf!

Daoud joins us from LinkedIn with an extensive knowledge in the public sector domain. Daoud has been a top achiever in linkedIn for multiple of years now and was recognized multiple times for his achievements. He possesses an unlimited mindset, believes in team collaboration and a professional that masters value selling. I trust that this will set him up for great achievements within Gartner.

Throughout the interview process, Daoud showed he is a driven person with a positive mind-set and a great Executive presence, a professional who embodies processes and best practices; I strongly believe that he will smash the records whether in retaining his existing business or growing his territory to an unprecedented levels.

Daoud will be joining the UAE public sector team to cover a part of the UAE federal Government which is our Growth engine this year.

Please join me in giving Doaud a warm welcome!

Best regards, Ramzi Fakhereddine

Desmond Hewitt (Sr. AE)

A welcome message from Fadi Jaber (AM):

Hello All,

Please help me in welcoming Desomd Hewitt to Gartner.

Desmond has over 20 years of experience in Technology, he joins us from Oberthur (a payment solution provider) where he was managing key and strategic banks in the region. Desomd will be managing Banking & Financial Services in Abu Dhabi. Among the many great traits he has, but what stands out for me in the hiring interview, was his ability to drill into 2nd & 3rd level of questioning. This will be key for the territory he is in, as it will help us be able to pin point challenges to solve for our clients. Welcome Desomd and looking forward to working with you


RECRUITMENT - Award winners!

Sara Alameh (Recruiter) - Business Impact Award

Sara Alameh (Recruiter)

Not only leading, planning and executing a world class Symposium candidate event – 2 hires & 1 offer extended – outstanding feedback from SVP, GVP, MVP sales & more importantly candidates

New Hire productivity was highlighted in the last HR Town Hall. This recruiter is setting a new benchmark with a new hire delivering the following;

  • Started end of December
  • Academy 9th January
  • Territory live 1st February
  • Rasheed Jamjoom’s first deal signed on site at symposium end of February $265K Multi-Year deal – a new benchmark in the Gulf for pace and size of first deal.

Many congratulations to Sara Alameh!

Aliya Elahi (Sr Talent Sourcer) - Top Sourcer Award

Aliya Elahi (Sr Talent Sourcer)

The nominated Top Sourcer achieved;

  • • 9 Q1 hires
  • • 20 of their candidates attended the Gurgaon Invitational in February which she sourced and screened within a 3 week period
  • • She has supported some of our more complex SAO roles in India and uncovered some great passive talent.
  • • Has developed an excellent partnership with Amrita’s team and some of the India sales leaders even though she is remote.

Congratulations to Aliya Elahi!

EVENTS - Sales Briefings

May Local Briefing Tour: Top Predictions 2017 and Beyond: Surviving the Storm Winds of Digital Disruption

Session 1: Top Strategic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond: Riding the Wave of Digital Disruption

Digital business innovation creates disruptive effects that have a wide-ranging impact on people and technology. With both the frequency and scale of digital disruption increasing, organizations need to be prepared for its effects. CIOs have a key role to play in ensuring their organizations are ready to respond to both the impact and the opportunities that disruption will bring.

Session 2: Building a Digital Business Technology Platform

What are the technology building blocks an enterprise needs to support digital business? In this presentation, we detail how CIOs and IT leaders should transition towards the five major platforms required to enable the new capabilities and business models of digital business.

  1. May 8 (Monday) - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  2. May 9 (Tuesday) - Kuwait City, Kuwait
  3. May 11 (Thursday) - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sales Briefing (May 8, Doha, QATAR): 2017 CIO Agenda-GCC Perspective: Bimodal IT-Delivering on the Promise

2017 CIO Agenda-GCC Perspective: Bimodal IT-Delivering on the Promise

Session 1: 2017 CIO Agenda – GCC Perspective with a look at QATAR: The Gartner 2017 CIO Survey shows that top-performing global CIOs are seizing ecosystem opportunities by focusing on leadership, organization and technology capabilities. Here, we analyse survey results from the Gulf Cooperation Council, with insight into how GCC CIOs differ from their peers.

Session 2: Bimodal IT – Delivering on the Promise: A bimodal capability that marries the rock-solid with the agile is essential for an enterprise to survive and flourish in the digital era. We will describe how enterprises can deliver on the promise of bimodal, how to create and develop a bimodal capability, and how to avoid significant associated risks. Discussion topics: What is bimodal A quick review for those just beginning Which bimodal practices deliver highest impact How to get started with bimodal and how to scale.


Gene Phifer (VP Distinguished Analyst, Customer App) contributed article on GCC visit:

Gene Phifer is a Vice President, Distinguished Analyst in Gartner Research. Mr. Phifer covers customer engagement, customer experience, user experience and a broad array of Web technologies, including Web architecture, intranets, portals, user experience platforms and Web applications.

As always, I had a wonderful time visiting the GCC Region in March. Friendly people, amazing food, and great business opportunities for Gartner highlighted the trip.

I worked mostly with financial services companies during this trip, primarily banks. Banks in the GCC share a lot of similarities with banks in other parts of the world, with a huge focus on customer experience (which happens to be my area of coverage). I was excited to see advanced concepts around digital experiences, and innovations like design studios and design thinking at work in some GCC banks. Not all of them, mind you, but the fact that these advanced concepts were in play at some of them shows that the region is doing great things in banking.

I see tremendous opportunities for Gartner in the GCC Region. As it continues to grow and mature, and looks at the future of digital business, the GCC Region needs Gartner, and we can play a key role in the digital business transformation of all kinds of private and public sector enterprises.

At last, I got a day to play tourist, and I finally got to see the Grand Mosque in Adu Dhabi. What an amazing site. Beautiful. Awe inspiring.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my latest trip with you. I look forward to many more trips to the GCC Region.

Regards, Gene

Analyst CED for next 120 days


أقل من 5% فقط من مشاريع الثورة الصناعية الرابعة استخدمت الأسواق الخوارزمية خلال عام 2016

دبي، الامارات العربية المتحدة، 26 مارس 2017: بعد التوجه المتزايد نحو ما بات يعرف بالثورة الصناعية الرابعة أو "الصناعة 4.0" التي ظهرت منذ أكثر من خمس سنوات، بدأت العديد من الشركات ببعض مشاريع الصناعة 4.0 الواعدة، إلا أن هناك مجموعة من التحديات التي تواجه هذه المشاريع أبرزها مسألة استخدام الخوارزميات التي تعد القلب النابض لهذه المشاريع وفقاً لمؤسسة الدراسات والأبحاث العالمية جارتنر. وتوقعت جارتنر أن ما لا يقل عن 30% من مشاريع الصناعة 4.0 ستحصل على هذه الخوارزميات من أسواق الخوارزميات الرائدة بحلول العام 2020، وهو ارتفاع كبير مقارنة بما كان عليه في عام 2016 حيث بلغ أقل من 5 %.

وفي معرض تعليقه على الموضوع، قال توماس اوستريتش، نائب المدير العام لدى جارتنر:" تواجه مشاريع الصناعة 4.0 تحديين كبيرين، الأول أن هذه المشاريع تحتاج في ظل وجود عالم متصل كلياً بنظم مادية سيبيرانية إلى التعامل مع الحجم الهائل والسرعة الآنية والتنوع الكبير في البيانات. أما التحدي الثاني فيتمثل في الدفع قدماً نحو ابتكارات جديدة ومميزة في هذا المجال تظهر الحاجة إلى تطوير خوارزميات جديدة، ما يجعل من الخوارزميات نبض مبادرات الصناعة 4.0".

وأضاف السيد أوستريتش إن تطوير خوارزميات جديدة تتطلب مهارات وكفاءات لا تتوفر لدى معظم الشركات في الوقت الحالي، حيث تقوم هذه الشركات بتوظيف مزودي الخدمات إلى جانب استخدامها الأسواق الخوارزمية بهدف الإسراع بعملية التطوير.

الخوارزميات المعاد استخدامها من شأنها تقليل الوقت الذي تستغرقه عمليات التطوير

بدأ موردوا البرامج التحليلية في إنشاء أسواق لمكونات البرمجيات، مثل الخوارزميات التحليلية، لتحقيق المزيد من المرونة والخيارات للمستخدمين النهائيين. وستوفر هذه الأسواق مزايا اقتصاد التطبيقات ضمن قطاع تطوير البرمجيات، التي سيكون لها أثر كبير في خفض تكاليف توزيع هذه البرمجيات إضافة إلى تحسن الوصول والنفاذ إلى آلاف الخوارزميات المتاحة إن لم يكن الملايين منها.

وتقدم أسواق الخوارزميات خوارزميات قابلة لإعادة الاستخدام تساعد المؤسسات على تسريع عمليات التطوير ومواكبة التغيرات التحويلية التي ظهرت مع بروز الأعمال الرقمية. وتابع السيد أوستريتش قائلاً: "إن إعادة استخدام الخوارزميات المعاد بناؤها وتطبيقها على حالات معينة يقلل بشكل ملحوظ من الوقت اللازم للتطوير، ويقدم مكتبة مهمة ستنمي من مهارات وخبرات فرق التطوير داخل المؤسسات".

واختتم السيد أوستريتش قائلاً: "نحن نشجع مدراء أمن المعلومات على تشكيل مجموعة عمل مع قادة البيانات والتحليلات لتقييم أسواق الخوارزميات، ومن ثم إنشاء مكتبة خاصة بهم من الخوارزميات والمفيدة".

تحديث وتحويل حلول تخطيط موارد المؤسسات إلى قاعدة صلبة للصناعات 4.0

يقوم أوائل متبني للصناعة 4.0 بتجديد حلولهم لتخطيط موارد المؤسسة. وترتبط أنظمة تخطيط موارد المؤسسات بالبنية التحتية لتقنية إنترنت الأشياء، والتي تتكون من أجهزة الاستشعار والمحركات، وبرمجيات وسيطة لجمع وتخزين البيانات، والتطبيقات والتحليلات لاتخاذ القرارات وإطلاق الإجراءات.

وأشارت جارتنر إلى أن 50% من الأعمال التي قامت بتجديد مضمون تخطيط موارد المؤسسات لديها، وترحيل البنية التحتية الخاصة بإنترنت الأشياء إلى منصة موحدة، ستزيد من تفاعل العملاء بأكثر من 20 % بحلول عام 2020.

Gulf regional news


Merged U.A.E. Banking Giant Seen Earning Bigger MSCI Weighting: Thursday marks the last day of trading in First Gulf Bank PJSC before its combination with National Bank of Abu Dhabi PJSC. A mega-merger of the two biggest banks in United Arab Emirates should leave the combined company with a larger representation on the benchmark emerging-market index, triggering hundreds of millions of dollars of inflows to the stock.

Abu Dhabi’s NBAD Becomes Gulf’s First Issuer of Green Bonds - National Bank of Abu Dhabi is selling $587 million in a class of debt used to fund environmental projects, the first issue of green bonds from a region where governments are looking to curb dependence on oil as an energy source.

Amazon Buys as Middle East Online Market Takes Off - Amazon has agreed to buy Dubai-based online retailer, betting that e-commerce in the Middle East is poised to take off. The US e-commerce giant beat out Emaar Malls, which runs the world’s biggest shopping center and had bid $800 million for

HH Sheikh Mohammed launches 10X initiatives: 10X initiative to encourage out-of-the-box thinking from Dubai government entities.

IBM launches blockchain and Al projects in Dubai: Blockchain project with Dubai Customs and Cognitive Centre of Competence to bring new technologies to government.

The UAE's Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA) has signed an agreement with the Ministry of finance to adopt the e-Dirham system.

SEWA PLANS FUTURE OF SMART UTILITIES - Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority is undertaking a plan for the smart transformation of utilities in the emirates.
I think the internet of things, Cloud technology, and big data are key elements in the utility infrastructure of the future - says Dr. Alleem (SEWA)
Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority is leading the development of smart cities in the region.
Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority is creating the ecosystem and venue to deploy next generation smart city solutions.
Our focus is not to create another smart district, it is to work with an ecosystem. - says Alkatheeri (DSOA)
DHA to roll out EMR this year; Abu Dhabi and Sharjah share contact centre expertise. DHA to launch Salama this year = This stage roll out for Dubai's new electronic medical record system, transfer of patient records has begun already.
Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) announces new five year plan for digital era:

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has qualified for the European Specification Certificate on Innovation Management Systems, for its innovation management system.

New DIFC Will rules and knowledge transfer for Ras Al Khaimah - The RAK government and DIFC Dispute Resolution Authority have taken the first steps to deliver on the wide-ranging series of cooperation agreements signed in December last year.



Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund will create a new investment company to target real estate, energy, and tourism projects in Jordan, as it continues to expand and diversify.

Almarai Company announces the appointment of Vice-Chairman for the current term


Qatar Wealth Fund Expansion Plan Is Undeterred by Brexit, Trump - Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund plans to expand in UK and US, as top officials said long-term commercial opportunities would outweigh political uncertainty roiling the two countries.


Joint Ventures & Partnerships: Oman Air S.A.O.C. - Oman Air increases connectivity to Europe and North Atlantic

Oman Air takes off to Nairobi - Oman Air today commenced its service to Nairobi, with a four times weekly flight from Muscat to the Kenyan capital. Saeed Bin Hamdoon Al Harthy, undersecretary at the Ministry of Transport and Communication for Ports and Maritime Affairs joined the Deputy CEO and Chief Commercial Officer of Oman Air


Bahrain EDB engages partners to develop its fintech ecosystem


Kuwait's national ID scheme is one of the building blocks of digital government services.

IFC, AAIB Support Small Businesses and Sustainable Energy Projects in Egypt IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, provided a $100 million loan to the Arab African International Bank (AAIB), to help the bank scale up its lending operations to small and medium enterprises. ABOUT AAIB: Arab African International Bank was established by Special Law as a Joint Venture between the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) and Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), and was incorporated in 1964 as Egypt's first Arab multinational Bank. With each party holding a 49.37% stake, the Central Bank of Egypt and the Kuwait Investment Authority are the core of AAIB's shareholder base.

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