Police Officer Tyler Wheatley P.b7

Nature of Work

Police officers protect the public from those who would harm it. They help prevent and stop crimes in order to keep people safe. Detectives investigate these crimes to find out needed information.

This paragraph will tell about the nature of the job you have chosen and what the employee does. Basically, it is a job description.

Training, Qualifications and Advancement

Police officers must at least have a high school diploma, but many departments require a four-year degree. Those who want to become officers will go through a police academy in order to learn how to become a police officer. Corporal , sergant, lieutenant, and captain are all possible promotions.

What education is required to get this job? What special training? What are the possibilities for advancement?


This job can be physically and mentally demanding due to the nature of the work. You may have to deal with death and extensive injuries as well as people who do not care for you. Many police officers find this job rewarding though because they are keeping others safe.

Use your own words to describe the employment conditions about this job.

Job Outlook

Prospects for this job are good due to the fact that there will probably always be crime. Therefore, there is a need for this job because it keeps people safe.

What are the possibilities for employment in this area? Is there a need for this job?

Projections Data


What are the projections percentages for employment in this area?


$60,270 is the median while some have earned more than $100,560.

What is the earning potential for this job?

Related Occupations

Correctional officers, EMTs, firefighters, Security guards, etc.

This will be a list of jobs which are related to the job you have chosen.

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