Newsletter 16th April 2021

Headteacher Comment

It has been a great start to the Summer term and it was lovely to welcome everybody back to school, looking smart and getting straight on with their learning. As you'll see below the children enjoyed their 'Wow' days - these are designed to get children immersed and enthused about their learning each term, so the school was a hive of activity. To keep learning going, remember that Flipping Greenfields every Friday (via GoogleClassroom) lets every family know what is in store for the coming week - why don't you have a peek and help your child have a flying start on the week ahead?

Of course, we join the nation in mourning the passing of Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh and I am proud of the way that Greenfields children paid their respects today.

The final point this week is that as it is the Summer term now, children can also wear summer uniform: red and white checked dresses, black tailored shorts, but please remember that shoes still need to be polishable and black. If your child would like to bring trainers or other shoes for breaktime, that is of course fine, but please no open sandals.

Have a lovely break.

Mrs Appleby

Greenfields pays tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh

Today, the school fell silent for a minute as everyone paid tribute to the Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh and reflected upon his long and remarkable lifetime of service, ahead of his funeral tomorrow. We remembered the contribution he has played to our country, supporting the Queen and being the longest serving consort in English history. We also thought about the Prince Phillip’s service in the British Navy, serving in World War Two over eighty years ago, the fact that he was a keen sportsman when he was young, and the fact that the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme was set up to support young people across the country. We celebrated the fact that Prince Phillip was nearly 100 years, and that he was the beloved husband, father, grandad and great-grandad to a large family, who will be very sad at his passing, but will have lots of lovely memories of him. We finished our tribute by thinking about how we can we could offer support at this time, and what difference do we make to the people around us.

The Duke of Edinburgh

Everyone sat respectfully and thoughtfully during the minute of silence, which ended with the National Anthem.

This term the pupils and staff at Greenfields will be taking part in DRET Reads. Our fantastic new reading initiative, DRET 10, which will be running until the end of the summer holidays across all DRET schools. Your challenge is to read 10 books from your year group’s selection of texts. When you have read 10 books from your list, pass your signed and dated list to your teacher and they will provide you with your DRET 10 certificate.

We hope you enjoy reading all of the beautiful novels and picture books suggested on your list. We can’t wait to see what adventures await.

You can share your reading with your teacher and class using the Greenfields Reading Log. You may also find some of these texts available to read at home in our school's Virtual Library on Google Classroom.

Online reading line QR code

Police Academy Training School

As part of Wow Day, Busy Bees and Dragonflies became police officers who had to help find the Prime Minster's Gold which had been taken.

The children accepted the challenge to work as a team, to listen to clues and to find where the gold had been hidden.

When the group had completed the task they earned their own warrant card and took their own finger prints. The class talked about how no one has the same fingerprints and that this is one of the many ways we are all unique.

Great work team!


Year 6 virtually meet Kimbolton School students

This week in Year 6 the children enjoyed a virtual session working with students from Kimbolton School. The Kimbolton students led them through some relaxation techniques and shared some brilliant activities for the class to try whenever they feel stressed or worried about things. The class are looking forward to the next session with the Kimbolton students in a few weeks time.

Year 6

WOW! Reception style

Dragonflies and Busy Bees had a busy Wow Day. One of their tasks was to plant a Freesia bulb to take home and care for until it flowers . They also made some simple bird feeders using a pipe cleaner and some Cheerios. We also made some extra bird feeders for our own garden. The children hope that the birds enjoy them!


Year 2 get active

Year Two had a very active afternoon on Wednesday! They were working on their balance and climbing skills. They challenged themselves on the climbing ropes and flexed their muscles to the extreme on the climbing equipment. Year 2 have also been really enjoying running our Daily Mile every day, come rain or shine.

Year 2 are electrifying

Year Two had an electrifying afternoon this week experimenting with circuits! They created basic circuits with batteries and bulbs then challenged themselves by making multi bulb circuits, they even used these circuits to test theories about which materials were conductors of electricity. Well done to all of our super scientists.

Year 2

Headteacher Reward Day

On their first day back the children across the school enjoyed their Headteacher Reward Day Treat. The children had a fantastic time searching for all the eggs around the playground. The eggs displayed messages all about our school values; aspiration, ambition, respect and courage. As well as helpful reminders about reading and homework.

This term we are all aiming for as many positive points as possible to work towards our certificates next term. In addition to this we will also be aiming to achieve our Reward Day treat at the end of next term. All children will be invited to take part in a fun water fight!

To take part in our Reward Day treat at the end of this term your child should have 0 stage 4’s and less than 3 Stage 3’s. Super behaviour is super!

Reward Day

Year 3 keep growing

Year Three are making great use of Greenfields’ growing tunnel out on the Key Stage 2 playground. They are studying plants and growing in science and have planted crops including peas, sunflowers and beans. The children are using their observation for their science research. If you have any pots, compost or seeds that you won’t be using, please let us know and we can arrange for you to drop them off safely.

Year 3

How you can help to keep Greenfields COVID safe

You may know from the news that schools are being provided with Lateral Flow Device testing kits for staff to test, on a voluntary basis, for COVID twice weekly, and that secondary school children are also using these kits. You might not know that families of children who are in school can also start testing at home by ordering testing kits online for home delivery. This is so that new clusters of infection can be identified and prevented from transmitting further and is one of the ways that everyone can help life start to return to 'normal'. Please see the information below, or follow the link to find out more...

Covid testing

EYFS and KS1 Celebration Assembly

Star Pupil

  • Ladybirds - Abdallah
  • Busy Bees - Ashleigh
  • Dragonflies - Aaron
  • Happy Hyenas - Patrick
  • Terrific Tigers - Trevor
  • Excellent Elephants - Gabriel
  • Smart Snakes - Celeste

Handwriting Award

  • Busy Bees - Blake
  • Dragonflies - Alisha
  • Happy Hyenas - Eden
  • Terrific Tigers - Nia
  • Excellent Elephants - Dean
  • Smart Snakes - Jack

Sports Award

  • Busy Bees - Eva
  • Dragonflies - King
  • Happy Hyenas - Antoni
  • Terrific Tigers - Ali
  • Excellent Elephants - Aalia
  • Smart Snakes - Bailey

Positive Points Awards

In first place for the most positive points is.......

Excellent Elephants!

Excellent Elephants

Remember, you can earn your class 5 points for 5 reads at home per week, 2 points per day if you are on the Greenfields Moon or 1 point per day if you are on the Greenfields Star - play your part!

House Cup

Congratulations to this week's winner.....



Google Classroom

Google Classroom is where you will find Greenfields' amazing virtual classrooms full of chat and lots of hard work! If you have not used Google Classroom before, or you are new to Greenfields, please follow this link that explains how to log on to a PC, Android or Apple device. You will need your child’s email address and password, and the class codes below:

Home School Agreement

As we become more used to our online way of working, we thought it was important to add to our home/school agreement (that you signed when your child started at Greenfields) to include online learning. Please follow the link below to complete this short addition relating to online learning with Greenfields Primary School and Nursery.

Class Code and Google Link

Teachers are looking forward to posting their ‘Flipping Greenfields’ videos this Friday in time for the weekend. Each one is all about next week’s learning, so will get your child prepared for a flying start on Monday. Research shows that children who feel prepared for the coming week are less anxious about school, happier to get up and go on a Monday morning and achieve better than those who are not.

Greenfields Primary School and Nursery Term Dates

Just a quick COVID reminder

Please help us keep the school and its community safe by:

  • Keeping to the pick-up and drop-off times, and limiting your contact with school staff at these times
  • Keeping your distance from other families in the playground
  • Following the one-way system
  • Wearing a face covering when you are on the school grounds
  • Limiting the number of adults picking up children to 1. If you have a teenager, or partner who is currently dropping off/picking up with you, please ask them to remain off-site.

Google Classroom

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Office Contact

As per our Covid -19 risk assessment, the office is currently closed to visitors. This includes parents wanting to drop off any forgotten items such as packed lunches, drinks bottles and school bags. If you need to contact the school please ensure this is done by telephone on 01536 514622 or email at admin@greenfields-pri.co.uk.

Online Reading Log Access

To log your child's daily reading, please either scan the QR code with your mobile phone using the camera function or click on the button below.

QR code for Greenfields' Reading Log

The Greenfields Way for Families

Please follow the link below for handy information about how life at Greenfields Primary School and Nursery works. From attendance, to Parent Pay, to Google Classroom, find all the answers to any questions you may have here:

Wraparound Care booking

Wraparound care has been reserved for key worker parents accessing school. If you require wraparound care please email admin@greenfields-pri.co.uk

Breakfast Club

Notification of price increase starting September 2021

As you know Greenfields offers wraparound care from 7.30am until 6pm every school day.

From September 2021 the price is £3 per child per day. The £3 charge is used to staff the Breakfast Club regardless if your child attends at 7.30am or 8.15am. Of course you will still be required to book your place in advance of care required.

Drumming Lessons

We are lucky to be able to offer a wide range of music lessons to pupils at Greenfields Primary School & Nursery, and we now have a limited number of spaces for drumming lessons for pupils from Year 2 – Year 6. Please see the attached letter from our drumming tutor Mark McHarg with details on how you can secure your child a space.

Drumming lessons

Greenfields Half-Term Camp

Greenfields are very excited to share with you the new Greenfields Holiday Club. This will be staffed by people your child(ren) will know from school and will include a variety of activities. The price is £18 for a full day with half day and short day options. Please contact the school via email: admin@greenfields-pri.co.uk or by calling the office on 01536 514622 for more information or to book your place.

Holiday Club

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May Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May 2021

End of Term - Friday 28th May 2021

Back to School Monday 7th June 2021

End of Term Friday 16th July 2021

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