How to heal the world By: álvaro calderín

Hello! My name is Álvaro and I am going to explain the important of Environment

Now, I am going to ask you two questions.

Are you recycling?

How many people recyclycled in the world?

Today the world is unhealthy


The people dont recyling,

Use the car and

The polluting factories mainly

For this, the poles are melting,the air is polluted and the seas are toxic

In this work, I talk about recycling

What is recycling?

Recycling is giving a new life to the packagain,reducing the consumption of resources and the degradation in the planet

Recycling Plastics Bottles and create this
How can i recycled?

The main thing is to put the different types of objects in their respective cubes and know what goes in each cube

Plastic botttles

Reduce consumption , reuse and recyle are the three basic actions to reduce their impact, since the plastic takes about 700 years to degrade. Therefore, it is important to deposit bottles of water, detergent, shampoo bottles or potato bags in the yellow container

Paper and cardboard packagain

Magazines, old newspaper, cereal boxes, shoes ... all must go to the blue container to be recycled and help reduce the overexplotation of natural resources


This material can be reused by a procces of washing of wastes or through its foundry and can be recycled to 100% an indefinide amount of times. For this we must separate them from other materials. To the green container!

Batteries y Changers

We can find them daily on remote control of the TV, the computer mouse or the razor and we should never throw them away with the rest of waste. They have highly polluting components, so it is very important to take them to the hazardous waste containers that we have closer to home or to the clean point

Now, I am going to put one video of the glass

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