Some of the creatures and marine life that are Studied by Marine Biologists

Marine Biology has three impacts: Food, Technology and Global. Three examples of these are:

  • Discovering new marine life can help give the Aquaculture Industry a boost with the discovery of new species
  • Marine Biologists use expensive underwater photo and video cameras to capture footage of creatures too large to take with them. They also use video cameras for the examination of how creatures interact with the environment. Sometimes biologists attach cameras to the creatures. Most of the cameras are remote controlled by a computer inside of a submarine or boat.
  • With the discovery of new species, we are now able to study if they are consumable by humans and can be sold on the market as food. Marine Biologists in a way, discover too food sources every time they discover a new creature that can be eaten

New species of fish are being discovered everyday by Marine Biologists

Technology used by a Marine Biologist when discovering new things

Marine Biologists use special cameras that are connected to a computer to see what is going on under the sea

New species of fish discovered can bring more fish and other species that can be eaten and can help grow seafood industry

This video explains what education is needed to become a Marine Biologist

  • From 2014 to 2024, the job outlook for Marine Biologists will increase by 4%
  • As of 2014, employment in Marine Biology was very competitive, causing there to be more people looking for a job in marine biology than there are jobs available
  • The average salary for a marine biologists can range anywhere between $40,000 and $110,000
  • The required degree is a PhD and your education background must include biology (photobiology and deep sea biology), biochemistry, and some math background is required


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