Boom to Bust 1920's By cole morgan

This picture shows how how stock brokers where making lots of money fast. And they ere the firs to succeed wit the new and improved stock market.
This picture shows how the stock brokers were the first ones to lose money and they lost money extremely fast. And they had trouble getting back on there feet.

In the 1920s the economy was booming thanks to the stock market. The people who were affected by it the most were the stockbrokers. They were the people who would buy and sell stocks as fast as possible to try and generate the most money possible. Many stock brokers would become millionaires overnight. But they were also the first ones to lose money when the stock market crashed in the 1930s ,and they lost lots of it very fast. Stock brokers had a rough time getting back on their feet after the stock market crashed because that was their whole job.

This picture shows that bank owners and banks were successful and were making lots of money and were in good condition. And at this moment they didn't need the government.
This shows how lots of bank owners were forced to close down their banks due to the lose of money during the Great Depression. And this could have been stopped if the government stepped in.

The government during the 1920s was very separated from business and this had a huge affect on many business owners. The government never stepped in to stop people from buying stocks with credit. This means that businesses are being ran off of fake money. Which later made the stock market collapse in the 1930s. And people lost money so they couldn’t buy products from the company which lead to businesses having to fire employees and many had to sell the business and much more just to make ends meet.

This picture shows a women with a large family who is very happy and settled with their home life during the 1920s.
This picture shows a single mother that is broke and without a grown man to help. The family is not happy with their home life after the Great Depression.

Home life in the 1920s for women was very relaxing. There were lots of new inventions during this time and it was very stress free because no one really cared woman would go out to parties and stay out late. Many women were married and lived happily with large families. But once the Great Depression set in during the 1930s many women became stressed. Women no longer lived happily with large families. There were lots of divorces and children weren’t properly cared for due to the lack of money And women had less time to relax they had to work and do chores around the house.

This shows women having fun at a late night club during the 1920s during their leisure time.
This shows a women taking care of her kids during her leisure time with very little time to relax herself.

Leisure time in the 1920s for women was mostly spent partying and finding new and improved hobbies that they can get involved in. All women cared about was having a good time so they would stay out late with their lady friends and had a lack of responsibility. But all that partying came to a screeching halt when the Great Depression set in they had lots of responsibilities to attend. They had to do everything they could to keep there home and make money. And the few good activities they would do to hide this depression were to look at art and listen to music.

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