MANGA VS COMICS giulia ponzi 3a - fellini

The term “manga” refers to Japanese comics in a smaller format and their production began in 1947.

There are some differences between American comics and manga. The biggest difference is that manga are generally read in the reverse order of their American comics books. What we readers think of as the last page of the story is usually the first page. The panels on each manga page are ordered from right to left instead of from left to right, and the writing in them is usually vertical.

Manga are usually printed in black and white. They usually contain

fewer words than American comics. The drawings in manga, however, are usually much simpler. Manga stories are usually much longer than American comics.

Japanese manga are often first published in magazines and then come out in paperback. Second, there are also a lot more manga in Japan than there are comics in America. In fact, nearly 40% of all magazines and books published in Japan today are said to be manga.

Manga are now spread all over the world, and nowadays many people know about them.