Asia is a beautiful place just as its occurrences are as beautiful, whether your looking for a vacation, or your traveling this guide will teach you everything you need to know about Asia's landforms

First, we start with the Himalayan mountains and Mount Everest

Maybe you need a Little adventure in you life, well the Himalayas and Mount Everest have you covered but be prepared for a treacherous, journey along the freezing cold path of these mountains, but when you finally reach the top of this 20,029 feet tall monstrosity, you'll get an absolutely embodiment of pure beauty at its core, and you'll feel empowered seeing almost all of Asia and the 1500 mile mountain you standing on that stretches from India all the way to Nepal.

Next up is the Plateau of Tibet

The Plateau of Tibet is a large unconformity that is kind of like a level one Mount Everest, but it's area is 96,500 miles, that's more than Mount Everest has, and the you won't have the traffic of people trying to climb it, or the crazy freezing weather of the Everest .

Next up is the Taklamakan Desert

The Taklamakin desert may be REALLY hot but it's a desert what do you expect, snow? Actually yes it has snow in its second season, the Wet season, in which snow falls but it's still quite humid

The Gobi Desert

The Gobi desert, despite its heat, is an amazing ecosystem, full of life. It's huge expanse goes from Mongolia to China, covers a large part of Asia . And in this beautiful desert many people agree it's a very romantic place to bring your special person.

North China Plains

The North Chinese Plains is a beautifully place and it is densely populated, its grazing fields is home to many farms and animals, and even has some small towns

If your looking for a trip back in time you've come to the right place. The yellow river was the cradle of the Chinese civilization basically making it possible for them to live. Their are also very diverse plants and animals near the river giving the river life.

The Yangtze River is the perfect spot to interview or meet some locals, as it's a densely populated area, it also has many other rivers spreading out from it. And it's a very long river; third in the world, starting from the Plateua of Tibet, sounds like a perfect boating trip!

Bay of Benegal

The Bay of Benegal is also a beautiful water spot, however you might think twice before entering Asia through here, because their are IMMENSE tropical storms and 2 islands keep it from entering the Adaman Sea, however the locals have adapted to the area as to keep their crops safe and homes on the grounds

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a deadly area full of salt, to the point where you float on the water, and even though it's a dirty place it's a popular tourist spot, but don't be too angry at the Dead Sea it's just a little salty today

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