Why North Korea is a threat By Wyatt Resnick

Bronze statues of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang, North Korea.

North Korea leader is causing turmoil in Asia because of old grudges and bad leaders. 60 years after the Korean war, the northern nation is causing panic globally. North Korea has had bitter relations with South Korea ever since the war. North Korea has remained communist and South Korea is capitalist.

The nation has 1.2 million active soldiers and 7 million in reserve, according to CNN statistics. Kim Jong Un took office of the nation in 2012, and the nation has been developing missiles and nuclear warheads. The neighboring nation, South Korea has experienced the worst of the nation, being its neighbor. They have been at war before and seems they can again. If the situation worsens, the United states if allies with North Korea and the government would support them in war.

In the event of an attack we ask ourselves would we be prepared for an attack? in Japan they are asking when. An elementary school already has drills for an attack. Like fire drills, they are practiced during the school year, but these drills are almost lifelike. In the town of Oga Japan in the Kiatura district children evacuated the playground and took shelter inside the school. The adviser for this drill, Osamu Saito says "Anything can happen these days, and it's even more true when we cannot anticipate the behavior of our neighboring countries.” The government used a special service to broadcast the drill to the citizens called the J-Alert, which is used in times of crisis. If This situation continues, the world may be at risk of another war.

Japanese children on a playground listening to the J-Alert in Oga Japan.


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