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I did the two pictures of clothes because people probably don't even realize that many people have to put as much effort as they can into making these. I did the picture of the bar graph because many companies are making their prices higher.

Does globalization help or does globalization hurt?

I think that globalization helps us. One reason why I think that is because of globalization we have learned to trade with each other and we are able to communicate with each other. One way that we have learned to trade with each other is, for instance, we trade clothing. We trade it by having a different place make it while we pay them for doing it for us because it isn't possible to just have one community to do it, you would need help from other cities, states, countries, help you to be able to get all the resources you would need to make it. Another reason why it is good to trade with each other is because it helps us with our communication with one another. These are just my reasons on why it is helpful to have globalization.

This is a photo that took awhile for me to do and I am proud of it.

Is Hiking Mt. Everest Worth The Risk?

I don't think that hiking Mt. Everest is worth the risk. One reason why I don't think you should climb the mountain is because 4% of people who go up never come back down, alive. Even though this doesn't sound like a lot it actually is even though it is just 4%, in reality that is actually a lot of people who die. Another reason why I would suggest not climbing this mountain is because in 2014 there was an accident where 16 Sherpas were climbing with supplies to the next camp and a really bad Avalanche had started as they were climbing and none of them came out alive. And finally, do you really want to just risk your life just to say you hiked all the way up to the summit of Mt. Everest? (My answer: yes, but that is just my opinion). Anyway, these are just some of MANY reasons why you shouldn't climb Mt. Everest, (even though I still want to climb it) what do you think?

Bucket list

Q and A

Oil on a side walk.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

There are many negative things about having a valuable resource like oil in your region or state. For one, there is a bigger chance of getting invaded. For example, Kuwait was invaded for oil/ crude oil by Iraq. There is a growth in terrorism and violence. Oil is drilled in some of the worst dictatorships like Iraq. In 1979-2003 the dictator saddam Hussein used Iraqi's oil money to fight wars and buy weapons. And not using the money to improve the lives of the common Iraqs. In the case of Yemen even though they have oil they still need more money than what they get to have a better life. So as shown there are lots of negative things for having oil as a valuable resource.

An oasis in the Sahara Desert

which would be easier to live in, the Sahara or the Sahel?

The Sahara would be easier to live in than the Sahel. The Sahara has a more predictable climate than the Sahel. The Sahel is going through desertification caused by deforestation and it's hard to predict what the future of the tropical grassland is going to be like. The grassland is shrinking. If you live in the Sahara, you can move to an oases and have a good source of food. The Sahel is becoming a desert, and it won't have any oases. In the Sahara oases, there is water, date palms, and acacia and baobab trees. Dates are a great source of food for people and animals. People eat the actual date, and then they give the pits to their animals, or use them to fertilize their crops. People stop by here to trade, get water, and feed their camels. Some people live there. Some oases are natural, others were drilled into by humans. In the Sahel, nomads have to go through shifting agriculture, and survive by nomadic herding. That is way harder than just settling in an oasis. in conclusion, living in the Sahara is way easier and better than living in the Sahel. The Sahel is slowly turning into a desert, and without oases, it is a bad place to live in.

What forces work for or against supranational cooperation among nations?

The money the people use in the E.U: Euro

Within supranational cooperation, there are often centripetal forces that unite nations. For example, the money that they now use, Euro. The reason why the Euro brings people together is because of it the common market was made and it was easier to trade money to each other and since it was used in most parts of Europe the common market has it easier because they all use it.Common Markets and trade blocs unite nations economically. Common markets bring people together by allowing goods and workers to travel freely. Trade blocs allow nations to come together and make money if they were by themselves. Also, being part of the supranational level of government brings people together.Being apart of the countries are able to come together to work on shared goals like the environment. Based on these reasons supranational cooperation has many centripetal forces that bring it together in Europe.

The Massachusetts state house

What is a government and why is it necessary? A government is ether a group or a single person, in other words a leader, that is in charge of its citizens. A government is necessary to maintain order of it's citizens, to protect their rights, and to provide for their needs. First, it is necessary to have a government, because if there wasn't a government it would become an anarchy. An anarchy which means, there wouldn't be any control and the whole society will become a wreck. Also, if there wasn't a government people's rights would be broken by other people. If that happens, people will feel uncomfortable where there living and would want to move to a different country. While there are many different forms of government, overall government provides citizens with structure and much needed protection and services.

A group of friends that are citizens in a country

What makes a good citizen? To be a good citizen is someone who obeys political laws. They also have rights and responsibilities and they really respect them by actually following them. Also, they try to stay informed and when they want to speak their mind they try to give a speech if they have the freedom of speech. They also will pay their taxes as soon as they can.


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