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What is a government and why is it necessary? A government is either a group or one person, in other words a leader, that is in charge of its citizens and government is necessary to maintain order of the citizens and to protect their rights and to provide needed services. First, it is necessary to have a government. If there wasn't a government it would become an anarchy which means, there wouldn't be any control and the whole society will become a train wreck. Also, if there wasn't a government people's rights would be broken by other people. If that does happen people will feel uncomfortable where there living and would want to move to a different country. While there are many different forms of government, overall government provides citizens with structure and much needed protection and services.

What makes a good citizen? To be a good citizen is someone who obeys political laws. They also have rights and responsibilities and they really respect them by actually following them. Also, they try to stay informed and when they want to speak their mind they try to give a speech if they have the freedom of speech. They also will pay their taxes as soon as they can.


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