Salonè della Moda presentation 2017


  • My Story
  • Salonè della Moda
  • Organization
  • Our mission and our vision
  • The 5 Focus Areas
  • Expanding its program with each edition
  • Credentials
  • Salonè della Moda 2012 Venue Arminius church
  • Salonè della Moda 2013 Venue Hofbogen Mini Mall
  • Salonè della Moda 2014 Venue Nhow hotel
  • Salonè della Moda 2015 Venue LP2
  • Salonè della Moda 2016 Venue Delftse Poort
  • Salonè della Moda 2016 Venue AHOY Rotterdam
  • Location and Target Group
  • Visitor frequency all editions
  • Specific and long term targets
  • Communication
  • Publications
  • Future Dutch designers that are doing well
  • Next editions and future collaboration partners

My Story

With my skills built throughout the years as Fashion producer and creative director, Jerry Luxenburg was searching for something that suits his way of perceiving creativity, fashion and art. After trying really hard for many years he did not find anything that matches his vision.

After producing a lot of photo shoots, video movies, modelcastings, fashion shows and seeing a lot of Fashion Weeks, art galleries I had come to the conclusion that things need to be more divers in my opinion in Holland to. I wanted to show that we can make a difference by mixing all kinds of arts into a new recipe.

My background lays in the fashion and event production and I still work in France, Italy and Austria as fashion producer and companies are booking me also for modelcastings, choreography and managing other fashion projects.

10 years ago, when I decided to realize the first concept KATWALK and my own showroom Stravagante PR with pr activities with designers I didn't foresee in the extent to which I had to adapt my vision and mission to develop in my own way new projects.

Jerry decided to follow his next dream and worked to turn it into a reality. He created finally Salonè della Moda, debuted in 2012 in Rotterdam with the first edition. An experience that embodies fashion, creativity and innovation. That is now going in its sixth year, is the culmination of Jerry Luxenburg’s 10 years in the fashion industry.

Salonè della Moda gives advanced and skilled- and well known designers from abroad the opportunity to show their collections in innovative ways. The traditional fashion shows with the 'straight forward' approach during Amsterdam Fashion Week, cannot be compared to what our event provides. Salonè della Moda combines exhibitions and fashion shows, in which the runway is presented as a unique maze: right through the audience and the entire location. Thanks to this set-up, visitors have a direct possibility to get into contact with the attending designers, but also with artists and other creative beings in the 'exhibition area'. This is how Salonè della Moda combines multiple art forms that usually do not exist together in one room.

Salonè della Moda is consciously accessible for visitors and participants that feel a connection towards diversity in combination with business to business, art, innovation, designers and networking. This way, all disciplines get in touch with one another. All of this without getting a pretentious atmosphere at the event, but a place where people can enjoy themselves.

The developments of Salonè della Moda is getting more innovative and bigger with every edition. With this fact we want to call out to sponsors who would like to tie their name to this exceptional platform.

Wouldn't it be terrific if Rotterdam could be nominated again by for example the magazine Rough Guide - all thanks to the incomparable work of Salonè della Moda?

Salonè della Moda

Salonè della Moda Salonè della Moda is a fashion event of multiple days, a platform where talented fashion designers, artist, photography, movie makers and other creatives will be invited to present their designs. It gives the opportunity to tell the story behind their work.

Salonè della Moda is all about making own fashion trends, work and renew all craft again with fashion shows, exhibitions, art and movie visuals which will create awareness. Attracting attention to beauty, craftsmanship and creativity is the main focus. Salonè della Moda is a unique experience that is characterized by the combination off different elements such as fashion, lifestyle, architecture, interior design, photography, video and gourmet cooking.

Salonè della Moda is one of the most creative and innovative fashion event in Rotterdam. It is striving to be an important part of the development of Rotterdam in the field of high fashion events. During 5 consecutive years, it has shown a significant growth every time.

Its strength lies in the combination of meeting experts from textile, retail, design, art, movie, photography, presentation exhibitions, fashion shows and different cultural elements, which is also an important element present in the character of Rotterdam. Another strength of Salonè della Moda is that it responds to the creative, technology and innovative impuls at the world and pursuits diversity all times.

Craftmanship and commercial line by Klaudia Markiewicz from Poland


  • Creative director and fashion producer: Jerry Luxenburg
  • Organization: Shirley Jansen, Astrando Williams
  • Press officer: Marco Jochemsen
  • Pr and social media: Shalini Kellinghaus
  • Music and light producer: Astrando Williams, Tyrone Dierksen
  • Coordinate shows: Brandon Delaegrantis, Jerry Luxenburg
  • Coordinate Exhibition: Jerry Luxenburg, Melanie Bruma, Shirley Jansen
  • Photography Shows: Ricardo Kovicic, Prasantha Yahampath
  • Photography Exhibition: Marco ter Beek, Cainva
  • Visual and Movie: Purpose production, Uriel Matahelumual, Lucas Bakx
  • Coordinator website: Astrando Williams
  • Chef make up artists: Paul van der Wal, Roxi Podrono
  • Chef hair artists: Coby van Tol, Avinaash Moenielal
  • Advisors selecting designers, art, beauty: Aurora Koteva, Celeste Laetitia, Cheryl Tevreden
  • Collection stylists: Creative concepts, Janis Ooft
Photograpy by Riccardo Kovicic


Our mission of Salonè della Moda is to make it accessible and gain more diversity in our audience with different backgrounds.


Salonè della Moda’s vision is to accomplish its mission by focussing on the following 5 focus areas:

Photography by Cain

There are 5 areas Salonè della Moda is focused on in order to turn its mission, vision and main objectives into actual results.

International Allure

Salonè della Moda operates on an international level. It organizes fashion platforms where designers all over the world will be invited to present their work and also will be introduced to Salonè della Moda its extensive professional network. The unique collaborations will promote the transparency and diversity amongst designers on international level. All participants will be casted by the Salonè della Moda professional advisor Aurora Koteva, under the guidance of the Creative Director Jerry Luxenburg himself.

Storytelling Crafts and art

Salonè della Moda wants to bring the recognition of the crafts back. This event will be a platform where each participant can show the crafts, stories and inspirations behind their collections. All of this will be presented by using visuals,fashion shows and exhibitions.

Development creativity and Scouting

Salonè della Moda offers a podium for talented creatives to go public. Salonè della Moda will introduce these talents to its wide professional network. Those talents also demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit and desire for growth.


Salonè della Moda is different from all other events in the same industry. The audiences will be taken into a full experience. Merging different interdisciplinary elements will add an extra dimension and all concepts of the event evenly blended together. Visitors will not only witness the fashion shows. They also have the opportunity to meet the designers behind the scene and even can touch, see and feel fabrics of their creations. This whole experience will take place while enjoying a glass of wine or delicious food prepared by the talented chefs. Besides a full experience, Salonè della Moda is also a business to business platform for networking and social level.

Multi functional Rotterdam

The New York Times along with the travel magazine Rough Guide, called Rotterdam the place to be. Rotterdam has been nominated several times to be one of the 10 most exciting cities worldwide and that is something to be very proud of. Fashion is not yet highly placed on that list, but on that level it develops. The creative side of Rotterdam is still changing from a city known for its trading Industry, it evolves into something more creative. Salonè della Moda will support this change through its specialty of bringing together different interdisciplinary elements of fashion and other creative fields

Photograpy by Prasantha Yahampath and Hans Lachman

Expanding its program with each edition

To welcome the guest

Salonè della Moda is an open event, anyone who is interested in creating connection between designers, professional business and the general visitors are welcome to join. Audience from the Netherlands or outside the country, ambitious students, trendsetters, fashion retail industry or just the ones who loves to experience this event will be present at Salonè della Moda. The day tickets will grant access to all exhibitions and fashion show program.

Crafts, technologie and exhibition

One of the main elements of the Salonè della Moda are exhibitions, technologie and crafts.

The unique experience will be strengthened by the different innovative exhibitions.

The creations of the designers, photographers, visual artists and musicians will be exposed

During the event in the exhibition area. The public has the opportunity to experience the exhibitions where the creations can be touched outside the fashion shows and even can be purchased. The designers and artists will tell something more about the story and crafts which inspired them to create their collections. Besides the fashion shows and exhibitions, there is the music for fashion, a food designer which will serve delicious foods and fine drinks, and the public will be visually entertained by the graphic presentations. A place for all professionals, like artists, designers, bloggers, trend forecasters and the public to network.

This element has been divided into four subcategories:

  • Art and craftsmanship designers
  • Art photographers
  • Paint artist
  • Visual and movie artist

Also a main element of Salonè della Moda are the high level fashion shows and exhibition.

This element has also been divided into four subcategories:

  • Dutch emerging designers
  • International emerging designers
  • Commercial brands
  • Designer Fashion award

This will be an advantage because of the extra media and public attention. Brands can benefit by ensuring wider exposure for themselves where as young designers can find new business development opportunities.

Beautiful collection by Camilla Salgaard from Denmark


Salonè della Moda 2012


Salonè della Moda its début took place in the historic Arminius Church in Rotterdam. In this first edition Salonè della Moda cooperated with the following designers:

Fashion show:

  • House of Byfield from the Netherlands
  • Swinda van Dijk from the Netherlands
  • Gary Symor from the Netherlands
  • Kaho To from the Netherlands
  • Nawal el Mahi from Marocco
  • Mevan Kaluarachchi from the Netherlands


  • Mascolori shoe brand from the Netherlands
  • Grannies finest
  • Pecha kucha workshop
  • MBO College Hilversum
  • Tea2choc
  • Designer Marlon Lima
  • Designers Esther and Ema
  • Designers Grace and Glory
  • Video by Marco Kolanus

These talented designers were upcoming in the fashion industry and each one of them had won prestigious prices for “best upcoming talented designers”.

Salonè della Moda 2012

Salonè della Moda 2013


The well-known “Hofbogen”is an important historical train track of Rotterdam. It travels from North to South and has been renovated & rebuilt. Nowadays known as the “Mini Mall”. In 2013 the Mini Mall was the décor of Salonè della Moda’s 2nd edition and was transformed into a fashion Mecca from Milan with international allure.

For this edition international the following designers were invited:

Fashion show:

  • Kenax Leung from Hong Kong
  • Mountian Yam from Hong Kong
  • Camilla Salgaard from Denmark
  • House of Byfield from the Netherlands
  • Pearl Dronkers from the Netherlands


  • Swinda van Dijk
  • Marlon Lima from the Netherlands
  • Pearl Dronkers from the Netherlands
  • MBO Hilversum designer talents from Fashion College Hilversum were present to give a helping hand as well
  • Video by Marco Kolanus

The lingerie brand “Maison Close” from Paris also presented its latest collection

And not to forget the present of the Dutch celebrities Their presence led to extra media attention and added more allure to Salonè della Moda 2nd edition.

  • Sharon Doorson
  • Tim Wes
  • Jules Deelder
  • Laura Ponticorvo
  • Sylvana Simons
  • Ted Langenbach
  • Brandon Daleagrantis

Their presence led to extra media attention and added more allure to Salonè della Moda 2nd edition.

Salonè della Moda 2013

Salonè della Moda 2014

Nhow Hotel

Nhow Hotel in Rotterdam its Atrium and lobby were transformed into the location of the 3rd edition of Salonè della Moda. Again the program was filled with fashion shows, exhibitions, guest designers and fashion bloggers.

Fashion show:

  • Michael Herrera from Los Angeles ( USA )
  • Chloè Sung from Hong Kong
  • Rick Lee from Milan
  • Aennis Eunis from Milan
  • Corinne Monique from Canada
  • RJ Bodywear from the Netherlands
  • Saija bags from the Netherlands
  • The Tailors brand from the Netherlands


  • Kaho To from the Netherlands
  • Judith van Vliet from the Netherlands
  • Noon concepts from the Netherlands
  • Gary Symor from the Netherlands
  • RJ Bodywear from the Netherlands
  • By Marieve, jewelry from the Netherlands
  • The Tailors, brand from the Netherlands
  • Scheepjes, wool from the Netherlands
  • Sol Y Flores, flowers from the Netherlands
  • Video by Marco Kolanus

Exhibition at hotel nhow by designers Kaho to & Judith van Vliet

Salonè della Moda 2014

Salonè della Moda 2015


The 4th edition of Salonè della Moda was the first to present in Rotterdam a 3-day-event, which took place in LP 2. This event location was transformed on a different level. Innovation, the crafts of art were the themes of this edition. These themes were reflected into the fashion shows, exhibitions and presentations, which showed the different kind of development in the field of creativity worldwide. Also for this edition international emerging designers and artist were invited to show their work and collections:

Fashion show:

  • Ece Ozalp from Istanbul
  • Yordan Mihalev from Bulgaria
  • Nomi by Naomi from the Netherlands
  • ODIO & Pieczarkowski from Poland
  • Chloè Sung from Hong Kong
  • Josh Santana from Brasil
  • Minirine from Shanghai
  • Odair from the Netherlands
  • Michelangelo Winklaar from the Netherlands
  • Joelle Boers from the Netherlands


  • Judith van Vliet
  • Chris van den Elzen
  • Jasna Rokegem from Belgium
  • Oldtimer Mustang
  • Kookpunt vs Vicini
  • Helvetia Spirits
  • Hair exhibition by Sandra Krouwer
  • Joelle Boers from the Netherlands
  • Aicha pure beauty
  • Nomi by Naomi
  • Round & Round ( cake tasting )
  • Meet & greet book presentation by Hasmik Matevosyan
  • Photography workshop by Moerdijk
  • Video by Lucas Bakx
  • Video by Uriel Matahelumual

Backstage preparation for the runway show by Ece Ozalp from Istanbul

Salonè della Moda 2015

Salonè della Moda 2016

Delftse Poort

After the success of the fifth edition in 2015, the expectations for the sixth edition are even higher. This year Salonè della Moda will bring 2 events, each one with a duration of 4 days. Not only is Salonè della Moda networking on national and international level, but it also investing to expand its audiences. The number of national and international designers, who are showing their, collections is growing. During the event in May 2016 the following designers showed their creations:

Fashion show:

  • Ivan Donev from Italy
  • Juliëtte Heijnen from the Netherlands
  • ODIO & Pieczarkowski from Poland
  • Eugenio from United Kingdom
  • House of Byfield from the Netherlands
  • Klaudia Markiewicz from Poland
  • Ece Ozalp form Istanbul
  • Elvis Aigbedion from the Netherlands
  • Zouhair Benkabbou from Morocco
  • Natureza Brasileira by Josh from Brazil
  • van den Assem from the Netherlands


  • Art designer Wendy Buiter
  • Artist and craft by Marina van Tweel from the Netherlands
  • Photo shoot by Oolaboo and Superlooks
  • Van den Assem schoenen
  • Helvetia Spirits
  • Blooooming magazine
  • Aicha pure beauty
  • Designer Robine Blickman from the Netherlands
  • Designer Nataly Pater from the Netherlands
  • Designer Salina van Miert from the Netherlands
  • Fashion brand Minirine from France
  • Designer Mac Elton Mingeel
  • Superlooks Cosmetics
  • Glass box by Celeste Laetitia from France
  • Nan Store from the Netherlands
  • Grannies finest
  • Video by Lucas Bakx
  • Video by Uriel Matahelumual
Salonè della Moda 2016

Collection by Ivan Donev from Italy

Salonè della Moda 2016


The expectations of the sixth edition Salonè della Moda at the Excellent fair is a fact. The collaboration with the business to business fair was a new way of presenting designers and exhibitors with amazing and beautiful architecture spaces and incredible creations, which stunned the visitors. Not only fashion was the main focus but to expand our networking with all participating clients and audiences at the Excellent fair.

Fashion show:

  • Nina Konstanti from the Netherlands
  • Klaudia Markiewicz from Poland
  • Yordan Mihalev from Bulgaria
  • Swinda van Dijk from the Netherlands
  • Elvis Aigbedion from the Netherlands
  • Fashion brand Richmart from Bulgaria
  • Photography on the Catwalk by Riccardo Kovicic


  • Fashion brand Richmart from Bulgaria
  • Nijveld Design from the Netherlands
  • Aicha pure beauty from the Netherlands
  • Ustijl interior from the Netherlands
  • Elvis Aigbedion from the Netherlands
  • Yardene Exclusives from the Netherlands
  • Swinda van Dijk from the Netherlands
  • Yordan Mihalev from Bulgaria
  • Photography at the Exhibition clients by Marco ter Beek
  • Presentation Russian Wodka
Salonè della Moda 2016 vs Excellent Fair Photography by Marco ter Beek


Each location of Saloné della Moda up until now have grown with each edition. More shows, more exhibitions and collaborations with the Excellent fair in Ahoy, and hopefully more to come at the Cruise Terminal or van Nelle Fabriek in 2017 and many more Fairs in the Netherlands.

The focus is to have 1 or 2 permanent locations for the future editions in order to strengthen the unique experience and ensure a cohesive brand identity. A way to create recognition, which will add a positive association with the Salonè della Moda.

Target group

“Creativity & Open minded” is the slogan of Salonè della Moda and the key word to build on is Fashion. No difference between male or female, no age limit. Just be interested in culture, lifestyle and love for fashion. Have an open mind to see the message and creativity in all its work. The international character of Salonè della Moda should appeal to this group.

Fashion journalists, Celebrity's, Fashion-bloggers, front row audience during all editions

Salonè della Moda target group during all editions

Please find below the charts of Salonè della Moda 2016, the fifth and sixth edition.

  • Rotterdam and surroundings 48,82%
  • Amsterdam and surroundings 25,51%
  • Den Haag and surroundings 11,68%
  • Utrecht and surroundings 6,17%
  • East from The Netherlands 2,94%
  • South from The Netherlands 5,88%

Visitor frequency all editions

First edition 2012

  • 340 visitors day one
  • 380 visitors day two

Second edition 2013

  • 410 visitors day one
  • 420 visitors day two

Third edition 2014

  • 290 visitors day one
  • 350 visitors day two

Fourth edition 2015

  • 365 visitors day one
  • 430 visitors day two
  • 460 visitors day three

Fifth edition 2016

  • 375 visitors day one
  • 445 visitors day two
  • 540 visitors day three

Sixth edition 2016 vs Excellent fair

  • 2875 visitors day one
  • 1615 visitors day two
  • 1855 visitors day three
  • 3260 visitors day four

Specific and long term targets

Specific targets

Salonè della Moda goals for 2017 till 2021:

  • To gain more diversity of national and international designers, clientele and audience
  • To expand and collaborate with more Dutch fairs in the business to business, lifestyle fair,
  • Fashion, food fairs and innovating platforms in Antwerp, Paris, London, Vienna, Budapest, Sofia, Warchau, Moscow and this year we want to connect designers in South America.

Long term targets

With the following 5 years, Salonè della Moda will accomplish the following:

  • Salonè della Moda needs an showroom accommodation to exposure and promote developing designers that can compete with international emerging designers. Each of the participating designers will be given the chance to showcase and exhibit their newest collection in the showroom and events during the years.
  • Salonè della Moda wants to collaborate with commercial companies that will support and stimulate emerging designers in the new fashion and social media industry.

Salonè della Moda strives for perfection at all times. By discussing the flaws and successes after each event with the Salonè della Moda team of professionals, the organization makes sure nothing escapes its attention.

African with Native American craftmanship by Klaudia Markiewicz


Press & media attention

To get the maximum of media attention for each participating sponsors, designers and brands is what Salonè della Moda want to accomplish. The Salonè della Moda organization of professionals will approach media like, fashion press, journalist, photographers, fashion, beauty bloggers, retailers, stylists, and other professionals in the fashion industry. It will bring more media attention. Beside focussing to invite the right attention, Salonè della Moda is also using social media, like facebook, Instagram, Twitter and youtube. By posting short stories about future events, previous events, photo’s, short fashion movies and even blogs/vloggers Salonè della Moda is keeping all followers up to date and try getting others who are interested to follow.


  • News letters sending out: monthly
  • Facebook posts: weekly
  • Instagram posts: weekly

Pre marketing & after marketing

  • Websites: weekly
  • Facebook: twice a week
  • Instagram: weekly
  • Twitter: weekly
  • Youtube / Vimeo: weekly
  • Radio: twice before event
  • Magazines: twice before event
  • Multi media: advertisement
  • Press publicity: once for each participant


fashion blog publications

Selecting future Dutch designers that are doing well

Designer casting director

Aurora Koteva advisor and selecting designers

Our head advisor Aurora Koteva has selected successfully emerging designers from the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. Aurora Koteva is also responsible organizing modelcastings, shows and pr to make sure everything fits. Main focus is to make sure that all our advisors, Celeste Laetitia ( Art ) and Cheryl Tevreden ( Fashion beauty ) serve as an ambassador for all designers. Specific responsibilitie is to provide designers fashion, art, craft industry knowledge and push them to higher boundries. See down below several designers that are doing international great after showcase and exhibit their collection at Salonè della Moda.

Designer Swinda van Dijk

Swinda van Dijk is the new luxury brand made in the Netherlands Swinda exhibited in the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt her collection "Viral Elegancy" during the exhibition "Anziehen! Made in Holland " which was visible for one month. At this moment Swinda van Dijk is busy building her own business as designer. She has her own line: “Swinda van Dijk”. With her last collection "Cherishing" she won in May 2012 and 2013 Event GOLD at WFC Amsterdam. So now Swinda is "GOLDEN Designer of the year”! She also works as a freelance fashion designer for several brands and her newest luxury collection she showcase at Salonè della Moda 2016.

Designer Juliette Heinen

Juliette Heinen, this talented designer, born in Roermond and currently living in Rotterdam, graduated from The Willem de Kooning Academy in 2014. The young creative Juliëtte Heijnen has always been fascinated with human interaction and its physical response. In her fashion collection she focuses on searching for new silhouettes and interdisciplinary presentations. Her newest collection is all about the engagement of man and woman, just like the engagement of a newly engaged couple sealed with the gift for the bride. Juliëtte Heijnen showcased her new collection in Berlin and Amsterdam Fashionweek after Salonè della Moda.

Designer Robine Blickman

Robine Blickman this utterly young (19!!!) talented girl is starting to make her dreams come true in Haute Couture. Robine told me that she is not into designing ‘regular’ clothes, she wants to design and create art by using traditional techniques (handmade) and working her way up in the fashion of Haute Couture. To be honest, when she told me how young she was and the exhibited collection is just the start of her fashion career, made me saying ‘WHAT?!’ out loud. The possibility to make such details in your (first) designs is unique to me. Her collection makes me dream about light romantic clouds and a field full of white flowers and crystals. Looks like magic to me. Another unique detail, Robin is creating crystals and new materials from sea salt. She showed the whole process: impressive for her first exhibited collection named RAWMANTIC. Her next goal is to showcase her newest collection at Salonè della Moda in 2017.

Designer House of Byfield

House of Byfield is the brand of designer Charmichael Byfield, born in Jamaica, brought up in New York and since 2010 based in Rotterdam. After taking part in designer trainings in Rotterdam and New York, Carmichael launched his own brand in 2011. House of Byfield’s designs can be described as discreet and elegant with an eye for detail and a sportive touch. The ‘daywear suits’ are for men and woman who dare to dress well and aren’t afraid to wear color. The designer’s ultimate goal is to inspire the classic refined men and woman to wear his challenging sportive classic suits or mix it up with their own style. House of Byfield showcased his latest collection in Serbia fashionweek and Amsterdam fashionweek after Salonè della Moda.

Designer Odair Pareira

DAIR is a haute couture fashion designer with a casual detail and is known for being different, unique and getting the best out of yourself. DAIR emphasizes that all clothing needs to visualize your true identity, which makes you stand out at all times. My personal challenge is to translate my vision to different sizes and cultures, in the world of DAIR everyone is equal and beautiful in their own special way.

DAIR collection fits it all! As a designer I create center of attention pieces that make you as an individual shine. Clothing is more than fabric, it’s about YOU and how you feel. Different silhouettes and different materials combined with personality and image are my keys to success! I have designed clothes for national events such as Televizierring, The Millionaires Fair (Belgium & the Netherlands) and international shows for Farouk Systems Group (USA, Italy, Mexico, Spain).DAIR has showed its collections during an independent show at West Indisch Huis, Amsterdam, Bucharest Fashion Week and Saloné della Moda, Rotterdam in 2015.

Designer Judith van Vliet

Judith van Vliet is a fashion designer who graduated in 2012 with her very wel reviewed collection. ‘The Western Uniformity’ at the Cologne fashion days, where they also won the Cologne catwalk award. Because of the successful collaboration, they decided to collaborate for a second time. The new collection, named Dark Depths, was showed on the exhibition and catwalk during Salonè della Moda 2016 and during Fashion Week Amsterdam. The collection is afterwards also showed on Ice with professional Ice skaters, on a special location: Museum Square Amsterdam.Judith has developed her own personal style and gained experience working with various techniques and materials. Judith van Vliet is influenced by mostly art, nature and architecture. She finds it challenging to combine conventional clothes with new unconventional materials and shapes.

Next editions 2017

Next Salonè della Moda

  • May 24th till 28th in 2017 Participants
  • Apply before 6 March 2017

Next edition Salonè della Moda collaboration with Excellent fair

  • September 14th till 17th in 2017 at Ahoy Rotterdam
  • Apply before 5 June2017

Future collaboration partners

  • Excellent wonen: contact, Frank Kerkhofs
  • Helvetia Spirits: contact, Erdan Gul
  • House of Royalty: contact, Char Characee
  • Ahoy Rotterdam: contact, Arian Schelling
  • Bounge B.V: contact, Johan Haandrikman
  • Aicha Pure Beauty: contact, Cheryl Tevreden
  • Bottle Business: contact, Marten Braam
  • Trade Commisison of Peru: contact, Monica Penas

Thanks for your attention

yours sincerely

Jerry Luxenburg, Aurora Koteva, Astrando Williams and all advisors

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