Mastery Timeline Christen Cowan

This presentation and timeline will provide a look at the goals I would like to achieve during my matriculation through Full Sail University's Public Relations Masters Program.

Public Relations and the Digital World

Goal #1 - Gaining an introduction to Public Relations

How #1 - has an introductory to Public Relations video that I will watch and write a synopsis of to broaden my understanding of public relations fundamentals.

Goal #2 - Gain knowledge on branding

How #2 - I will watch the Branding Fundamentals video from to give myself building blocks of Public Relations.

Goal #3 - I am hoping to understand the relevance of public relations in today's 24/7 world

How #3 - I will contact my mentor, Heidi Otway Vice President of Social Media at Salter Mitchell to understand how the digital world has changed her job over the years.

Writing for Interactive Media

Goal #1 - I would like to cultivate my existing skill set in writing interactive media.

How #1 - I will interview Shannan Panganiban, owner of Faithfully Beautiful, to understand how she started and grew her blog into a business.

Goal #2 - Through this course, I would like to understand how to write more engaging content for my personal blog.

How #2 - I will use the Content Marketing Institute’s Blueprint to Jump-Start Your Content Marketing Strategy to implement a marketing strategy for my job with Modern Wealth, LLC.

Goal #3 - I would also like to know how I can write interactive media telling the story of financial planning and advising to see growth in my firm.

How #3 - has a course titled “Creating an Interactive PDF Brochure” that I will watch and use to create interactive PDF brochures for my job and personal philanthropic endeavors.

Legal Aspects of Media

Goal #1 - I would like to come away from this course with a better understanding of how to create marketing materials that are free of any copyright infringement.

How #1 - In addition to taking this course, I will interview Victoria May, Marketing Director for Tri County Air Conditioning and Heating, to learn more about legal issues concerning print materials.

Goal #2 - This course holds particular importance to me because I would like to know how free speech has been impacted in this digital world.

How #2 - I will interview Kevin Alford, and lawyer and youth ministry director at ALARM International, to further understand freedom of speech.

Goal #3 - I would also like to know how intellectual property is protected to safe-guard my own work.

How #3 - The Full Sail University online library has many publications on intellectual property. One I will study is titled Faculty Launch: Copyright Compliance & Images.

Innovative Public Relations Tools and Resources

Goal #1 - I am eager to learn the tools to use to reach my company’s target audience.

How #1 - I will create a social media marketing plan to implement on my job from a tutorial video, Building a Social Media Marketing Plan, on

Goal #2 - I would like to understand how to draft a public relations campaign.

How #2 - By comparing and contrasting multiple Public Relations articles.

Goal #3 - I would also like to further understand how to implement these tools for my personal brand.

How #3 - As I gain knowledge on how to write PR reviews, I will write practice reviews and give them to my mentor for reflection.

Social Media Metrics and ROI

Goal #1 - I have limited knowledge of metrics that will tell the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of certain social media outlets. I would like to understand how to read these metrics.

How #1 - I have regular meetings with my former manager to learn how to track social media marketing efforts.

Goal #2 Being able to read and interpret social media metrics and calculate a return on investment will greatly impact my position with the wealth management firm.

How #2 - I will build user-friendly reports showing social media metrics to find the peak times to post.

Goal #3 - I will be able to adjust the marketing budget to find optimal appropriations for the different media outlets.

How #3 - I will use the metrics I have learned to configure in this course to appropriate the marketing budget.

Market and Consumer Research Analysis

Goal #1 - I learned through my undergraduate coursework in economics how to conduct quantitative analysis, but am eager to learn how to fuse that knowledge with conducting market and consumer research and analysis.

How #1 - has a video called Marketing Research Fundamentals that I will watch and write a synopsis of in addition to my coursework.

Goal #2 - Doing so will enable me to provide my superiors with fast and accurate analysis of our clients’ interests and habits to decide where to spend marketing dollars.

How #2 - I will use knowledge gained from this course and previous work experience to build informative reports for my superiors.

Goal #3 - Expanding my presentation skills while delivering market and consumer research analysis will only increase my confidence to articulate various positions.

How #3 - I am a member of SWAT, Successful Women Aligning Together. I am using this membership to be mentored on my public speaking skills.

Media Relations

Goal #1 - I am looking forward to understanding how to build mutually beneficial professional relationships with journalist to bring positive publicity to my work with the wealth management firm.

How #1 - I am attending Manatee Chamber of Commerce seminars to learn how to build media relations.

Goal #2 - I will leverage those relationships to brand and publicize my personal story to inspire others.

How #2 - I am using my blog and existing relationships to build a buzz around my fundraiser to share my story.

Goal #3 - I am also excited to learn how to capitalize on professional relationships with journalist to further some philanthropic goals I have.

How #3 - I am learning how to build media relations through trial-by-fire at the moment to further my efforts fundraising for my service dog.

Events Marketing and Production

Goal #1 - I worked with an event planner for several years while completing my undergraduate degree at Florida State University; I would like to understand how to build a buzz around those events to increase turnout.

How #1 - I am planning events like open houses for my job that I am learning how to market.

Goal #2 - I would like to understand how to use video forms of media to create digital conferences that would bring more business to my firm.

How #2 - I will use what I learn in the Innovative Public Relations Tools and Resources course to create a financial building blocks masterclass for my company's clients.

Goal #3 - I would also like to know how to publicize personal events for philanthropic purposes.

How #3 - I am planning several fundraising events that I will use what I learn to publicize.

Reputation Management Strategies

Goal #1 - I understand in today’s digital world how important it is to maintain a good reputation. This course will show me how to build on an existing reputation.

How #1 - My superiors have laid a solid foundational reputation in the community; I will leverage what I learn in this course to strengthen the company's reputation in the community.

Goal #2 - I think this course will also show me how to strategize to correct a negative reputation in case I should ever find myself in that situation.

How #2 -'s "Creating Your Personal Brand" video will give me a good introduction to online reputation management.

Goal #3 - Since my personal online reputation has a small reach, I will use what I learn in this course to increase that reach.

How #3 - I have a personal blog that I will build a positive reputation for.

The Online Media Room

Goal #1 - I would like to use what I have learned in this course to publicize the expertise of my superiors.

How #1 - I will build relationships with media outlets to get a "Modern Money" segment on local new stations.

Goal #2 - I would also like to create demand in The Online Media Room for my superiors’ knowledge of financial advising.

How #2 - I will position my superiors' in the community as resident experts on financial planning and portfolio consulting.

Goal #3 - This in turn would bring in additional revenue to the firm.

How #3 - I will turn the firm's media attention into additional revenue by involving myself in local chambers of commerce and business alliances.

Public Relations Final Project and Thesis

Goal #1 - I am looking forward to reflecting on all I have learned and implemented in my professional life to create a public relations plan that I can show quantitative results for.

How #1 - I will track each tool implemented in my job to include in my final project.

Goal #2 - I will use this project and thesis to position myself as indispensable to the firm I am currently working with.

How #2 - With a goal to bring in five million dollars in assets under management within the next year, I will make myself indispensable to the firm I am working for.

Goal #3 - I also look to use this project as leverage for other public relations jobs and projects.

How #3 - I will track my productivity in dollars and other tangible metrics to position myself to apply to other public relations jobs.

I will reach out to the following industry leaders to interview for my Mastery Journey Blog:

Six Industry Leaders

Heidi Otway, Salter Mitchell (850) 597-2771

Lisa Adamaitis, Vaal Design, LLC (941) 600-2499

Caroline Dettman, Golin Harris (212) 373-6000

Jeff Beringer, Golin Harris (212) 373-6000

Sarah Rose, Sarah Rose PR (410) 645-1811

Danika Daly, Danika Daly PR (646) 820-1136

In order to get involved both scholastically and professionally in Public Relations I will start a student chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America at Full Sail University.

To expand on my PLN I am following innovative the Brunswick Group, Salter Mitchell, Susan Gilchrist, and Heidi Otway on LinkedIn and Facebook. I will learn other ways to interact with these companies and people while completing my degree.

I am currently working as a Marketing and Client Services Advisor for a wealth management company that will give me "real-world" opportunities to implement what I am learning.

My ideal mentor is creative, ambitious, glass-ceiling breakers, with integrity, grit, and dedication to excellence.


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