Dan The Dangerous Droplet

I began my incredible journey in the plant that one day. Dan wished to go to the ocean.Tommy said "It is too dangerous" Dan explained "Nothing is too dangerous for dangerous Dan." Tommy and Dan go on their journey to go to the ocean today. It is really hot and suddenly they float to a cloud. They realize they are evaporating.

Tommy is scared and Dan is excited because he is on a journey which made him one step closer to the ocean. He means a tornado cloud but Dan and Tommy think it is cotton candy so they try to take a bite. Tommy said "It tastes funny? But it is as fluffy as cotton candy."

"Ouch that hurt" said the cloud.

" Who said that?" said Dan.

"My name is Thunder and who you might be?" said the cloud.

"My named is Dan" but before Dan could say anymore he started falling. They new the were precipitated.

Dan and Tommy are fall onto the earths atmosphere into the ocean.

"Boom!" Dan and Tommy hit the ground Tommy and Dan are surf on the ocean. Dan dream of this day to come now he hear but realize it was not as fun as he have thought. Tommy ask " What is wrong."

Dan ask " All we can do is surf and I'm bored of the ocean."

Dan and Tommy have been in the ocean for four years. Dan wish he would leave the ocean he now hate the ocean he said " This place is the worst."

Dan and Tommy sink to the ground Dan and Tommy got very tried but the said they will play football together then the past out tommy woke up he changed the day it was 1000 years tommy woke up Dan Tommy yelled " We have been sleep for 1000 years ."

Dan was confused he said " It feels like one day maybe we should leave."

Tommy said " Yeah." After Tommy said that the were floated the river

Dan and Tommy made a friend his name was Kaden the party all day Dan said " This is way better than the Ocean." Kaden, Dan and Tommy stand at the rivers for 5 years the play sports all day they have the best of time. Tommy said " At it was time to go back home so Dan and Tommy had to leave Kaden. Dan said " We should do this again some day." So they went back to the plant.

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