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Hey my name is Tyler and I like Merica!! Bacon, Sports, Activity, Netflix and Family have all earned a way into my heart. My free time normally consists of relaxing and news updates and yes you heard it right!!! NEWS UPDATES coming almost daily?
Little LiLou the pig has just joined the welcome brigade at San Francisco International Airport. The pig, who is a Juliana breed, is one of the special creatures who can help soothe customers who are concerned as they await connecting flights. Dr Jennifer Henley, said: "We have more than 300 dog, cat and rabbit volunteer teams, but LiLou is the first pig in our program. 12/8/16
A woman owned the pet tortoise named Vince who escaped. The owner noticed right away but didn't find out tell two days later that the pet had escaped underneath the fence to there neighbor. His leg was missing and they had done surgery on it to help heal the animal. Thanks to a engineer who constructing a prototype foot out of a toy Lego wheel he was able to walk again. 12/9/16
Postman manages the impossible by delivering Christmas card with vaguest ever address. The pair say they were "amazed" to receive the festive greeting with such vague details on the envelope. "Somewhere near the sea in Suffolk" read the address on the Christmas card. The Post Office quite often gets a bad rap at Christmas, so hats off here for sure. 12/12/16
A man was rushed on by cops as seen in the video. When this happened it caught the girlfriend by surprise and she stepped in front of him to grab his gun as directed from the cops. He then pulled a ring out with was adorable. 12/13/16
German Shepherd pup Arrow has been recognised by the Guinness World Records team this week after undertaking his first skydive. The dog in the background is not arrow but you get the idea ;) Either way Arrow looked quite happy in the video in his owners arms which is pretty dang cool. This is definitely something that makes Merica.....Merica 12/14/16
This Parrot ....A real life Dead Parrot sketch: Bird lover teaches pet the best party trick EVER!!!! Normally we see dogs leaning this trick but not this time....This parrot is so adorable and was actually taught how to play dead. This is not necessarily a new thing but this little bird has definitely caught the eyes of many people. 12/15/16
Student horrified to find escaped TARANTULA crawling up his toilet in halls of residence......The Tarantulas name is Yolandi Lee Ven Sloan. The dude went to the bathroom to u know...to ¨read the paper¨. The owner went out of town and left the Tarantulas at home because her mom does not life Tarantulas Either way this is a scary yet funny situation. 12/16/16
Christmas, A time for family gathering and gifts....But on the flip side if you're like me you become broke and in need of a creative side. Today there was a update about smart people who used the creative side to wrap there personal presents... Such as Zack Quinn who wrapped up his gift in tortilla shells because he ran out of wrapping paper. Talk about getting the taste for your buck. At least now they can have a snack when they get done opening the present. 12/19/16
Christmas. A time for happy days and spreading the love...Unless of course you are Herman the cat. This cat has huge eyes which made him trendy in the eyes of millions. He looks even more mad when he is seen by other people. This cat is so friendly but looks grumpy and scared at the same time. In my opinion this is adorable because of the tinny cat big eyes :) 12/20/16
Sleep overs are fun and how about the 24 hour walmart challenge videos they are pretty cool too but is the new trend sleeping in Ikea??? Ikea is upset that teenagers keep doing something really weird in its stores. They are spending the night just to sleep in the beds. In my opinon this is pretty fun idea but Ikea said it is a danger to co-workers and customers if they are spending the night and sleeping. 12/21/16
Phones are used for texting and communication....unless it burns your face off! A user of a smart phone was charging their phone underneath the pillow at night while sleeping. They experienced a lot of heat only to find out the phone and pillow was on fire. The phone heated up the pillow and caused it to burn so the user called 911 to get a firefighter. This in my opinon is definitely weird because i even do this sometimes. I don't want my face burn. Talk about taking a hot selfie. 12/22/16

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