Katie Rodgers

Acrylic Painting

Katie Rodgers developed her artistic practice, building upon experiences, images and insights gained during travels and the exploration closer to home of beautiful BC, where Katie moved 20 years ago. The paintings suggest atmosphere and emotions associated with specific locales. Current works developed during the pandemic explore the constant renewal of life emerging on the old growth stumps of North Vancouver.

Regeneration 5
Support Growth
Regeneration 6

Katie Rodgers' acrylic paintings depict geographical locations including travel scenes and a closer to home study of the regeneration of old growth stumps.

Regeneration 1

The Regeneration series of paintings attempts to convey the combination of energy and calm found in the forests as well as the lush layers of vegetation surrounding the strong sculptural stumps.

Regeneration 9
Regeneration 8
Regeneration 10

Katie is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, North Van Arts, and the West Vancouver Community Arts Council.

Connect with more of Katie's artwork

For artwork sale enquiries or studio visits please contact Katie via email: ktrodgers@me.com

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