The Famous Five The five women who stood up for their voting rights.

The Famous Five were a feminine group of suffragists. They are:

Emily Murphy

Nellie McClung

Henritta Muir Edwards

Louise McKinney

and Irene Parbly

They were once called the Alberta Five, then dubbed the Famous Five. All the women were from Alberta. They're campaigns were from 1880- 1890, some of them even in Winnipeg! In the law, it was written that only "qualified persons" could vote and be appointed to the senate. So, the five women went to the highest court of Canada to discuss the case. The "persons" Case. They asked, "Does the word "person" in section 29 of the British North American Act 1867 include female persons?" The court declined them, and said that women could not vote or be appointed to the senate. The Five went to The Privy Council in England On October 18, 1929. They petitioned to the Privy Council. Lord Sankey, then read the councils judgement. To the joy of the women the Privy Council said yes, that women were persons!

First, women got the vote in Manitoba, on January 28, 1916. Then, the federal vote, in 1919. These five women changed Canada. If they hadn’t protested, women probably wouldn't be able to vote now, in 2017!


Here are some pictures of my exhibit on these five heroic women!

(I drew all the pictures you see except the picture of the Famous Five.)

Here is a video of my presentation for the Museum of Caring:

If you would like to learn more about the Famous FIve, and womens rights, visit the link below.


The Supreme Court of Canada- where the women went to court for their hearing.
Women protested after Nellie McClung spoke in front of many women.
This is a model of the statue on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
The Famous Five


Here are two Heritage Minutes about Nellie Mc Clung and Emily Murphy.

Nellie Mc Clung:

Emily Murphy:

Now you know a lot more about the Famous Five! Thanks for reading!

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