Humans of LKDSB Education Week 2019

Annette is our early childhood educator at our school. She values our outdoor education initiatives. She educates that it is important for students to get outdoors to appreciate nature as they will be the future advocates! #HumansofLKDSB
Andrea is our school council chairperson, she also helps us out with our literacy program. She values education for children in this community. We are so fortunate to have her support at our school! #HumansofLKDSB
LKDSB staff learning on a Saturday morning! Relationships and Reciprocity, Indigenous Learning and Math Conference. #HumansofLKDSB
Staff and students raising awareness and showing support to families, communities and women that have been impacted by the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women crisis. #HumansofLKDSB
This is Liam and Dom. They are part of our peer mentoring program. We have over 30 students in this program. They really enjoy the program as they help each other feel connected at the school. #HumansofLKDSB
Thank you Miss Vera from CK Library for planting sunflowers with the 4/5 class today. We love having community leaders/volunteers in our building.
These are two of our amazing bus drivers! They make sure our students start their day off in the very best way.
Connecting with our community - Wallaceburg Concert Band members ushering our audience into tonight’s performance at A. A. Wright Public School.
Ms.D comes to our grade 6 room twice a week to help student with literacy and numeracy concepts. She is a great example of how our community supports our school (H.W. Burgess).
Live music, families and the arts! #humansofLKDSB
Former principals of Merlin Area Public School who had the privilege of serving Merlin area students and their families reunite for the 50th anniversary celebration! #humansofLKDSB
Lakeroad community donations received as we’ve celebrated the @LKDSB Ed Week theme of Connecting Communities! We can’t wait to meet w/ our guest who will be accept our donations next week! #humansofLKDSB
Grade 9 students from RDHS caring about their community. #humansofLKDSB
Melinda is our Resource Teacher. She works with all students at our school. She is very compassionate as she supports students and works with staff to put effective plans together. She loves her role as she gets to work with all students. #humansofLKDSB
Connecting with our community at Indian Creek Road PS - the school hosted Indigenous Celebration Day on May 7 as part of the school's Education Week activities.
What do a blogger, a chemical engineer, and an osteopath have in common? They all took time out of their busy schedules to come and speak to our grade 6-8 students about their careers during education week. #humansofLKDSB

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