Kindergarten at PSE Powder Springs ELementary 2018-2019

We start with a blank slate...
...and fill it up with knowledge and experiences.
Watch us grow and learn while we use arts integration strategies to enhance our learning, engagement, and achievement.

We will analyze and create VISUAL ARTS to enhance our learning in ELA and MATH

Look at or watch us use THEATER strategies to show or tell about what we understand in creative ways.

Watch us use DANCE elements to describe characters, retell a story, share our own story, and demonstrate science concepts.

Listen as we use music strategies to set moods and setting in stories, aid in fluency, understand patterns in math, and so much more!

Check back often to watch us learn and grow.
Created By
Mary Romanowski


Created with images by Art by Lønfeldt - "Details of my painting Cellular II" • TeroVesalainen - "blackboard board chalk frame line rope old" • Shahzaib Khan - "Wallpaper" • stux - "art therapy therapeutic discipline visual arts picturesque" • brunapazini0 - "beautiful beast characters beauty and the beast" • paulbr75 - "african instruments background music musical ethnic percussion"

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