Anna Garcia Case by Jorge Ochoa

A girl named Anna Garcia was found dead at her home on a hot sunny day. Her next door neighbor called the police because he was worried due to her dog barking for 2 hours. After a while of waiting the police finally had arrived to Anna’s house , there was no answer at the door or any response the police decided to open the door and Anna was lying on the floor dead.

Evidence Found

At the crime scene there was many things found connecting to Anna’s case. Some of the things that were found at the crime scene were blood, vomit, fingerprints, hair. Our team found out that the fingerprint belonged to Alex. An unknown substance was also found at the crime scene , our team found out that this unknown substance was aspirin. Blood spatter was also found at the crime scene , this belonged to Anna. The blood fell in a downwards motion.

Time of Death

When the police arrived they saw Anna's body dead. Anna had been dead for 4 hours. The time that she died at was 7 AM.

Autopsy Report

When the Autopsy was done on Anna, we found that her ankles were swollen and she had bruises on her elbows and her head. No other damage was found to her body.


In conclusion i feel that Alex murdered Anna because his fingerprint was found at the crime scene. I also believe he is the killer because he was the one that saw Anna last.


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