Teams Preparing For The Super Bowl By joey hunt

How will each team prepare for the super bowl?

The super bowl means a lot to the fans watching, but a lot more to the players playing. This is because the players have to work hard to prepare for it.

Lewis Vollmer practicing his routes

According to the "Huffington Post" Delanie Walker said “You have to watch more film, stay after practice a little longer, you have to lift weights, you have to make sure you’re in shape."

A football team watching films

Also according to the "Huffington Post" Delanie Walker also said "That goes for catching balls after practice, running more routes, making sure you get with the quarterback if you’re on offense and on defense, they sit together and watch film together.”This is showing that the team has love for the game and wants to win.

This is showing one guy running a route and one guy defending him

Another thing according to the "Huffington Post" Steve Weatherford said “You prepare your entire life for a situation and opportunity like the Super Bowl. But you don’t want to put any more emphasis on the Super Bowl because then you might do things that typically you wouldn’t normally do."

This is a Super Bowl field

Also according to the "Huffington Post" Steve Weatherford also said "You just want to go out there and play within yourself, and not try to be more than what you are. That’s when mistakes will be made!”

This is players running out to the field

This show that you need a to have a specific mindset or bad things could happen. This is a few ways how the super bowl running team will get prepared. Also let me remind you, it's not an easy task.

This is a hole bunch of teams combined playing a game

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