Build a prototype from scratch!

Adobe XD had been build from the ground up to address the complex needs of today’s UX designers. It's got awesome innovative tools that will speed up your workflow from wireframes and high-fidelity designs to interactive prototypes.

In this tutorial you'll learn how to use Adobe XD and make your very first prototype for an app. You'll get familiar with a lot of features, tools and techniques which are important to get yourself started.

The assets can be downloaded here. You are ready to start, enjoy Adobe XD!

1. Design your very first art board in Adobe XD to make your prototype app.

2. Lets add another art board! Did you know the repeat grid? It's a fantastic, easy and fun way to make things... repeat in a grid. In this video we will add the first bits of interaction too.

3. In tutorial number three we will add a symbol which we will draw in Adobe XD itself, make use of SVG and PNG files. And we will add some extra art boards.

4. Video number four is all about making the links between the art boards and testing your very first prototype app.

This tutorial was created by Matthijs Clasener, Adobe Education Leader at GLR.nl.
Created By
Matthijs Clasener

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