The Thousandth Floor By katharine mcgee

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January 23, 2017


New York City

Autumn of 2118

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"The Thousandth Floor" by Katharine McGee has a tone that is pessimistic. It criticizes the emptiness of the wealthy' lifestyle, similar to the Great Gatsby.


Avery Fuller- Ms. Perfect- No Literally, she's the first girl every to be genetically engineered to be "perfect", long straight blonde hair, strong lean arms, vibrant blue eyes, long legs, all of which were pulled from a gene pool by choice. But everyone knows there's no such thing as "perfect", Avery has everything and everyone loves her, almost too much, Avery Fuller is in love with her (adopted) brother, Atlas Fuller.

Leda Cole- The Gossiper- Leda Cole is Avery's best friend, or at least was, but when she came back from rehab, she couldn't help but lie about her whereabouts so Ms. Perfect didn't have a reason to be more perfect by comparison. Once one lie was out, others came out just as easily, and her obsession over Atlas was swept under the rug. Until she hires a hacker, then her obsession leads to heavy amounts of stalking.

Rylin Meyers- the Rehabilitated- Rylin Meyers is Cord Anderson's maid, a replacement for her dead mother. When Rylin's mother died, Rylin and her younger sister struggled to pay rent on time, and struggled to keep food in the fridge, so she starts to sell Cord's anxiety medicine at clubs for extra money.

Eris Dodd-Radson- The Lie- Eris Dodd-Radson lived the perfect life, rich father and a model as a mother, yet when the discovery is made that Eris is not her father's child, her life goes from the the higher floors to floor 103. Her best friend/boyfriend Cord and her were involved until Cord fell in love with Rylin

Watzahn (Watt) Bakradi- The Hacker- Watt is the creator of Nadia, an illegally made artificial intelligence that can surpass any security measures, and was surgically implanted in Watt's skull, Nadia can also hack into anyone's personal information, thus why Leda hired Nadia to stalk Atlas.


Man vs. Self- Avery- She contemplates getting over Atlas or continuing to pine over him, aven when she starts to date Watt.

Man vs. Man- Leda- Leda unknowingly competes for Atlas's affection with Avery

Man vs. Self- Rylin- Rylin in the beginning, is dating a guy named Hiral, but then starts to fall in love with Cole, even though she's stealing his anxiety medication to sell in clubs.

Man vs. Society- Eris- When Eris's situation forces her and her mom to move down tower, she lies to all of her friends about becoming poor, and struggles to hide it from all of her fellow rich classmates.

Man vs. Society- Watt- Watt is also unknowingly competing for Avery's affection with Atlas.


"Up here on the roof, so close to the stars, she felt young and alive and hateful." (Page 411)

In one of Leda's final chapters, this line depicts how she feels going up onto Avery's sanctuary, considering she found out about Avery nod Atlas, hateful seems like a simple word for her.

The reason I put this quote in was to portray how blind everyone in this book was by emotion. They're living in a thousand floor building, and their all too bundled up in the blankets of emotion to realize what else is going on around them.


The higher up you are in society, the higher up you live, and the higher number of secrets you keep.

Plot Summary

The beginning starts with Leda coming home from rehab, hoping to date Atlas, Avery longing to see Atlas since he left to travel the world, Rylin leaving her sister to go clubbing and then leaving clubbing to work as a maid for Cord's party, Eris going to a party and returning to her father gone and her mother in tears, and Watt picking up girls with Nadia by hacking into their social media profiles. Of course, the party that starts off the story is when Atlas comes home.

The filling chapters are filled with Leda constantly pursuing Atlas, being confused as to why Avery isn't talking to her and stalking Atlas. Avery is jealous over Leda's relationship with Atlas, Watt persuing Avery, hacking into Atlas's personal life for Leda, Rylin stealing Cord's anxiety medication while falling in love with him, and Eris accepting her new life while developing a relationship with her neighbor, Mariel, and Eris coming in contact with her birth father who happens to be Leda's father.

The ending chapters are about Leda misinterpreting Eris's and her Father's relationship, Leda getting dumped by Atlas, and then finding out about Avery's and Atlas's relationship through a drunken, rejected Watt, and Avery and Atlas planning to run away, and Rylin getting caught stealing Cord's medication when trying to get more money to get her boyfriend out of jail, then being forced to break up with Cord by his brother.

The final chapters are about Avery's and Atlas's going away party that everyone thinks is just a regular party. Leda confronts Avery on the rooftop, Eris and Mariel fight and Eris goes to the party alone, Cord and Eris talk about Cord's love for Rylin, Rylin goes to the party to make up with Cord and ends up running to the rooftop with Eris trailing behind her for Cord, then Watt realizing how high Leda is and trying to stop her from doing anything bad, sadly Eris is a victim of Leda's temper and falls two and a half miles downward, thus leading to a web of secrets and blackmail, of course in the favor of Leda. Who goes unpunished for murder.

Picture Depiction

If the Tower was real it would be the equivalent of the Burj Khalifa, Shanghai Tower, One World Trade Center, Petronas Towers, the Empire State Building, and the Eiffel Tower stacked on top of each other

10,560 ft= 2 Miles high

If you must be wealthier to live of the higher floors, due to the expenses of the apartments, and the idea of the higher up you are in society, the higher you live.

The higher up you live, the higher up you are in society, and the higher number of secrets you contain.


McGee, Katharine

The Thousandth Floor

New York, New York 10019

Alloy Entertainment 2016

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