Gardens for the Disabled By Manny

I have to find 2 sites that I will research about for this project.

1: This site talks about some tips that can help in choosing what materials and layouts that you should use in a garden for disabled people for example: don't have plants taller than 2ft, make sure you have nothing that requires heavy jobs, don't make it to big and or try to have everything in one level as that can help them not fall or difficult to move around.

2: All other websites that I found where for charity with not actually information about gardening for the disabled.

This is the old short video analysis, the second video is my full length video.

Here now is my Specification Points:


-Specification Point

I will make sure that Aesthetically looking the garden for the disabled will be good looking. Even though they are disabled they still deserve a good looking garden.


I will make sure that the garden will look good so that the disabled person has a good looking garden.

-How will I test this out

I will test this by asking disabled people, if they like it aesthetically. If that is not doable then I will ask non disable people if they like for them.


-Specification Point

I will make sure that the garden that I will make/design is for and aimed towards disabled people who are my customers.


I will make sure that I will have the required aspects that a garden for disable people, will be in my garden so that they use it because they are my customers..

-How will I test this

I will design the garden aimed towards disabled people by the way that it is made, so that the garden is for them so they are my customers.


-Specification Point

Even though this is a garden, I want to make sure that it is still environmentally friendly from it's materials.


I will make sure that I will use materials that help the environment and make my garden environmentally friendly.

-How will I test this

I will test this by going online to see what is environment friendly and use that information to create my garden and make it the most environmentally friendly as I can.


-Specification Point

I have to make a garden which isn't too small or too big. I have to know this because I want my garden to be open for people in a wheelchair if they want.


I will make sure that I create a garden that is big enough to allow people in wheelchairs to enter through.

-How will I test this

Whilst making the garden measurements, I will find how big is a wheelchair and fit that the measurements so that the size is the correct.


-Specification Point

I have to make sure that my garden is safe for disabled people as the safety not only theirs but also everyone's is a concern.


I will make sure that my garden is safe for all people.

-How will I test this?

I will grade my garden using safety rules that I find and see if my garden applies.


-Specification Point

I will make my garden function for disabled people which is having a garden like backyard.


I will create a garden backyard.

-How will I test this?

I will ask people if they would see this a backyard type garden.

Materials and Manufacture

-Specification Point

I will use wood for the benches, I will a fountain which will release water.


I will make sure that I use wood for the benches and have the fountains will have natural water.

-How will I test this?

I will test this by making sure that I do this.

These are the drawings that I made to show my ideas for a garden.

This is the First Idea which I drew. I will analyze this idea by using the access fm points which I choose.

Aesthetics: This Garden Aesthetically looks good. It look good because of the fact that it is organized very well, it has grass areas, a fountain and rubber as the ground for the walking area(It does say gravel but I wrote the wrong martial). It also has the benches for you to sit down and it looks like a normal garden which has been modified while still looking normal for disabled people.

Costumer: This garden was designed aesthetically from the average garden while being modified to be useable by disabled people. It has the rubber ground and grass for wheel chairs. It has benches for people who might not walk well or have back problems. And has the fountain which is there to help blind people locate and navigate their way around.

Environment: This garden might not be the MOST environmentally friendly because there is ground made out of rubber and because there is a fountain which depending how you look at it might not be environmentally friendly.

Size: The size this garden would be double of the average garden being 1,200 square feet. The reason for this is for the people to be able to move around the garden and not be stuck in some small area.

Aesthetics: Aesthetically this garden should be made where the the garden ends near water made already look good because there is water already there. This garden would have a walk way where on the right there would be the water and on the left there would be the gardening area for flowers, plants etc. This would end up Aesthetically looking good from my point of view.

Costumer: This garden would be made for the disabled person because on the walkway it is made from clay which is a great material to use, and on the side where water is there would be a bar or fence which will stop people from falling into the water. This would be a very disabled person friendly due to the fact that it was designed for them to be safe.

Environment: This garden would be environmentally friendly because there is more natural aspects of the garden unlike the last garden. The only non natural aspect is the clay walk way and bar or fence which is there for safety.

Size: This garden would be longer than bigger. This is due to the fact that it was designed like a walkway not like big open area. I estimate that this garden will be 7 meters long and 4ish 5ish width.

Aesthetics: This garden looks the best due to the fact that it is the most environmentally friendly too. This garden has grass, flowers, trees, birds it looks great and it would be a good looking garden I believe for everyone.

Costumer: This I feel is not eligible for the disabled person. This is due to the fact that it has a complex layout that being the pathway being like a snake, it doesn't have much area nor space for them to move around due to the fact that there are trees and last but not least this is more of a garden which a non-disabled person would have.

Environment: This is the most environmentally friendly garden because it has a lot of natural aspects that being grass, flowers, trees and birds. This would be a garden which does only have a fence or bar and clay ground to move around.

Size: The size of this garden would be the biggest due to the fact that the contents require lots of space so I estimate around 150 square feet.

Aesthetics: This Aesthetically doesn't look the best because it does look cramped. Everything is to the right and is quite small. What would make it look better is the plants, flowers etc which would give it more color .

Costumer: This garden was made for the gardening person and has been modified and designed to make it easy for that person. This is done with there already only being grass as the ground, everything is on the left so it is complex to move about and it would have enough space to be able to move around. There would be a fence around it to make sure that the gardener doesn't leave the area.

Environment: This garden's ground is made out of only grass so that is good for the environment. There would be plants and flowers growing there which is also very good for the environment. The only con is that where the plants and flowers are there would be wood there to be able to garden and the fence around the garden.

Size: The size for this garden is the same as the second garden that being because it was also made for a walkway like design which would make the size 7 meters in length and 4 or 5 meters width.

Comparing these four ideas, I will choose the best one for each of my access fm points.

Aesthetics: The best idea aesthetically is the third idea. I know that this is the weakest idea but this would look the best if it were to be made. Just because this was the weakest idea on everything else I am going to say that the first idea because it would still look good.

Costumer: The second idea is the most disabled person friendly. I made this idea to make it much more easier.

Environment: The most environmentally friendly idea is the fourth one because of the fact that it requires less materials and because it was also made for people who want to garden.

Size: Sidewise the best idea is the first idea due to the fact that it is the biggest while the other ideas aren't that big as this one.

The very first idea which I made is the best due to the fact it does beat the other ideas the most. This does look the second best and it is the biggest. While it is the least environmentally friendly it does win because it is also made for the costumer.

Final Idea which I created.


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