Sun Getting Hotter? By: Bryan Kim

What would you think when the air conditioner became hotter and hotter while you are taking the most important test in your life? Your family is counting on you to do well and you are getting hotter and hotter, so you are gonna think I think I’m gonna explode by hotness. Why I’m getting hotter? Why does the air conditioner is getting hotter? So, as you can see the student is thinking about why it’s getting hotter, like the sun. Why is the sun getting hotter? WHY?

What's the Temperature of Sun? And Why?

What’s the temperature of the sun? Well, according to Tim Sharp research, “At the core of the sun, gravitational attraction produces immense pressure and temperature, which, can reach more than 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (15 million degrees Celsius)." Also, the actual temperature is 5778*k, which is about 10,000*F. As you can see sun is really hot. For example, sun is much hotter than lava! Think about it. Most people knows that lava is really hot. BUT!!! The sun is much hotter than lava!!! Also, sun has lot’s of energy and the sun is really bright. So that’s why that the earth can survive. But, why is it hot?The sun is made out of nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion produce huge amount of energy. So, the sun is really hot and has lot’s of energy. Also, the sun is the hottest planet in the solar system.

What’s the Temperature at the Past and Today? And Why?

The sun hotness has been increased significantly by the past 1,000 years. According to Leidig and Roya Nikkhah, “The earth is getting hotter because the sun is burning more brightly than at any time during past 1,000 years, according to new years.” The reason that the sun getting hotter is because of the Red Giant phase. Red giant phase is a luminous giant star of low or intermediate mass in a late phase. Also, no one knows the exact temperature of the sun at the past 1,000 years because at the past there wasn’t any technology to know the temperature of the sun. Also, there is another reason that why is the sun getting hotter. The reason of getting hotter is that, before the sun had less energy than the today. So, the sun energy and the power is keep getting stronger.

This is the graph that shows the temperature at the past and today

What’s Gonna Happen to Sun at 4~5 Billion Years Later? And Why?

Did you ever think about the future sun? Well, 4~5 billion years later the sun is gonna blow up. For example, the sun is gonna blow up like the stars. Which is supernova. But …… WHY? The reason that the sun is gonna blow up is Red Giant phase. So, 4~5 years later the Red Giant phase is gonna get hotter than, it’s gonna get bigger and bigger. The sun might reach the earth and swallow the earth, so the earth can’t survive. Then, the sun is gonna blow up. Also, sun have a life like humans. Also, if the earth still survives, the earth still won’t survive as well because if there isn’t any sun, There won’t be energy for the earth. So, the earth can’t survive when the Red Giant phase comes.

This is the sun life cycle. Which is the timeline of the sun. For example, this is sun ages.


Finally, the main heading is, is the sun getting hotter? As you can see from the headings. There are lots of information that is connected to this MAIN HEADING because all of these headings are sub question to this heading. For example, you can’t just jump into your main topic because you need some information that connects to the main topic and helps the readers understanding well.

So, As you can see the sun is getting hotter than the past 1,000 years. So, yes, the sun is getting hotter and brighter. But, there isn’t gonna be a big effect because the sun temperature is gonna increase little bit. For example, you won’t know if the sun getting hotter or not. Except when the Red giant phase comes.

his is the graph of Global Land - Ocean Temperature Index. As you can see the temperature is increasing which is getting hotter So the sun is getting hotter


As you probably noticed, there is lot’s of things going on, in sun. As you can see you might have some wondering and questions about sun. And you can’t wait to know the answer of your questions and wonderings. So, you can research it. As you can see, my main topic was, Is Sun Getting Hotter? So, you can make a research project and search it up and solve your question and wondering.

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