The Ancient World (Greece)


These are the three types of columns displayed in Ancient Greek architecture

Notice the distinguishing features of each! Talk to the person next to you about what is different about each type of column.


Work with the group at your table on a project that shows how Ancient Greece contributed to our architecture and sports today.

Ancient Olympic Games


Step 1: Come together with your group and create a shared presentation on Google Drive. Research Ancient Greek architecture (specifically 3 column styles) and how this compares to the architecture in the United States today. Also include a compare/contrast of the Ancient Olympic Games vs. today's Olympic Games.

Step 2: Divide up the work load among your group members. Everyone should be assigned a slide on the presentation, and no more than 2 people should be working on one slide.

Step 3: After creating your group shared presentation, write an individual post on the class blog answering the following questions:

1: Why is it important that we know about the sports and architecture of Ancient Greece?

2. How does learning about Ancient History help us in today's times?


  • Remember your list of websites that are the best to use for research
  • Be proud of your presentation! Put in the effort to make it interesting and fun!


You will be graded on this project based on the presentation rubrics I have given to you in class, as well as the quality of your responses in your blog posts.


You will be given 4 days of class time to finish this project. Once everyone has completed the project, you will grade your group members on how they worked as team members. You will read what your teammates wrote about you, and then write 3 sentences reflecting on what you did well, and then what you could do better.

I am so excited to see all of your fantastic work!


Created with images by adibalea - "greece athens acropolis" • Russell_Yan - "santorini greece midday sun" • Lex Kravetski - "Meteora, Greece" • Ranya - "temple of poseidon ancient greek" • Blok 70 - "Rhodes Town, Rhodes, Greece" • illustir - "Columns" • dimitrisvetsikas1969 - "pillar capitals greek architecture" • djedj - "lebanon ruin roman" • burge5k - "Olympics"

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