JTs e portfolio multi media

Multi media in my perspective is about cartoons, famous movies and films, video games, top selling apps and top selling brands. And i think we will learn about how to use some new software on the computers.

surrealism is a unreal images that send a really strong message, the images make you think it is real but its not.
This is a carrot that wheres a green hoodies and has a green snakes tail.
This is a emu in a didgeridoo wearing a pink croc. This creature was quite easy to make because my images were simple to crop out on put together. my favorite tool is the snipping tool.
Just a meat pie standing up with an Australian fag on top of it. This was one a tiny bit hard because it was hard to crop the Australian flag. my favorite tool is the snipping tool.
just a dog chilling uluru with and kangaroo wearing a green croc hopping around. this one was the hardest because there were so many images to crop out and put in. my favorite tool is the snipping tool.
This is a kangaroo wing a dingoes head for hunting, blue tongue for finding food and wings to fly


Created with images by Unsplash - "northern lights aurora borealis northern"

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