Senior Subject Expo CREATIVE ARTS

Schools of the Future Conference, Sydney Opera House, May 2017

“If you hire someone who is bright, and curious, and can learn, they’re more likely to come up with a new solution that the world hasn’t seen before,” Bock explained in a Google+ Q&A. “This looking for cognitive ability stems from wanting people who are going to reinvent the way their jobs are going to work rather than somebody who’s going to come in and do what everybody else does. We recruit for aptitude, for the ability to learn new things and incorporate them.” Lazlo Bock, Senior Vice President People Operations, Google Inc

Nophodon Kantaros
Creative Arts


Exploration of Object based art


Cockatoo Island Mini Body of Work (extract)

Katie Welfare

Cockatoo Island Mini Body of Work

Isabella Cataldo
Sally Clark - ArtExpress Armory Gallery
Aidan Hawken
Jemmah McMaster AGNSW
Mital Kerai

Christina Eggar


Ann He

Tom Johnson

Camera-less imagemaking
Pinhole photograph
Created By
Gary Poulton

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