~ November 1928 ~

Dear Diary:

It's 1 a.m. and I'm up again with nightmares of war. I've had them since my first night in war and they still are just as bad. I am happy now so I still don't understand why I am still having these dreams. I have a loving wife, a daughter, a good job, nice house and a car. I have nothing to be afraid or sad about, but here I am again up in the middle of the night writing in this dumb book. I have to go to work in 6 hours, so I might as well try to go sleep...

~November 1928~

Dear Diary,

I barely got any sleep last night, as expected, but today sights are looking up. Today is the day that I put all my life's savings into the stock market. I have $4,000 saved and I am going to invest every penny of it today. The stock market is typically risky, but at this point in time I don't think it is. By putting all my money in I hope to be able to provide a better lifestyle for my wife, my daughter and myself. Hopefully with this extra ounce of hope and joy I won't have such bad dreams tonight.

~January, 1929~

Dear Diary,

It's been 2 months since I invested my money in the stock market and I am doing great! Overall I have gained $700! I expected to make my money back and then an extra $200-300 back but never did I dream I would make this much money! Me and my family never dreamed to be living the life we are living today. We just bought property yesterday and are going to begin to build a house, and I think that at some point in the next few weeks we are going to purchase a horse. I am so glad that I decided to invest my money, even though everyone told me not to. With my growing happiness I am beginning to sleep more and more because my dreams are slowly getting less and less worse. I am finally starting to become the man I want to be for my family.

~March 1929~

Dear Diary,

Today we payed the last bit of money for the supplies to build our house. We will begin to start building tomorrow, hopefully. Our horse is doing great, but we have decided to sell him to be able to put more money into the stock market. I lost $50 yesterday so I am praying that the money from the horse will be able to recover that money. My wife and I continue to pray every night that we don't suffer any more crashes, and that we begin to make money again. It's been 20 days since we've made more that $50 and if it keeps it up we won't be able to afford furniture for our new home.

~July 1929~

Dear Diary,

The stock market has gone crazy these past few months and no one knows what to do with all the money they are getting. I have made $1000 in this past month alone. Put together with some money saved we bought a new car and the furniture for our house. Now that the house is finally finished we are beginning to move. We only have $20 in the bank, and we are going to invest it tomorrow. My whole heart is devoted to the stock market and the benefits it's giving my family.

~October 1929~

Dear Diary,

I am becoming more and more scared about my investment in the stock market each day. The market is slowly starting to drop and I'm afraid that soon it is going to go through a big drop. Therefore, as of today I am going to save money instead of invest more. I already have the dream life and I can't risk giving more money and not getting it back. Just like my plan was when I invested in the stock market, I want to be able to support my family.

~January 1935~

Dear Diary,

Looking back on the past few years of my life I am glad that I quit the stock market when I did. A year after I decided to start saving money instead of spending it I lost my job and my daughter became ill. If I would have still been investing money there is no way I wouldv'e been able to pay for daughter's doctor visits and she might've died,1134919,2114943


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