Honors Into to Art Final Exam By Jack VArga period: B 12-8-16

Zentangle Design

Title: "Vertigo"

Medium: paper, pencil, sharpie.

Wire Figure

Title: "The Shot" Medium: wire, paint, wood, and plaster

Cut Canvas Design

Title:"Shining Star" Medium: colored paper, pencil, and wooden frame.

Color Scheme Pattern Design

Title: "Sea Time" Medium: pencil, canvas board, and paint.

Perspective Drawing

Title: "Jacks n' ville Medium: paper, pencils, and color pencils.

1. My vanishing point is located on the top left corner of the rule of thirds. Also the closes building with the title of Jack's on it is near the top right corner of the rule of thirds.

2. A: Color: Many colors are used throughout the piece. Many buildings are different colors as well as the window tints. The sky and ground have color as well.

B: Value: The sun effects all of the color in the piece. The sides of the buildings facing the sun are much lighter then the ones facing away from the sun. Also, as the street gets closer to the vanishing point, it gets darker.

C: Line: Line is very important throughout the piece as well. The lines used our vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. The diagonal lines are found going towards the vanishing point which gives the piece perspective.

This is a painting created by Claude Monet named the,"Garden at Sainte-Adresse." Its dimensions are 3′ 3″ x 4′ 3." It was created in 1867, and is today found in The Metropolitan Meusum of Art.

This red boat is one point of enphasis in the art work. It is emphasised through color becauuse all of the other boats are mainly colored black and are very dull. It is also emphasized through the fact that it is located on the top right corner of the rule of thirds.

There are many elements at work in the painting. Color is the most noticable because the garden is full of greens, reds, blues, and yellows. The flags also show color. Another element used is value. Value is seen through many shadows cast on the ground of the garden as well as through the smoke coming out of the boats. Line is also seen throughout out the paininting. Horizontal and verticle lines make up the fence of the garden, and curved lines make up the boats in the sea. There are also diagonal lines that make up the edge of the concrete in the garden.

Monet makes me feel at peace in this art work. He does this by using many colors. The painting reminds me of a warm summer day. The garden overlooking the ocean seems like a place I could sit for ages. No one is fighting which makes me happy as weel. The two couples both seem happy too. It seems the whole world is happy in this painting which makes me happy.

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