WW1 Trench Warfare Survival Guide By:Logan Breneman

Naval History & Heritage Command.Entrenching Tool.

A trench tool is beneficial to the WW1 because you could make trenches much faster than without one. Also, because the countries were fighting with advanced items and older military tactics it was really just a stand-fire and building trenches made sure that you stay alive longer. Sometimes, even, these tools were used as weapons in hand-to-hand combat(10 Things).

(2 / 14 US WW1 ARMY).

Because of the advancement of military weapons, steel helmets were made to decrease the chance of getting hit in the head with shrapnel, bullets or other projectiles(10 Things).

bobbie vei.Camoflauge Jacket

Camouflage was very helpful in WW1 because it was harder to notice because camo is not as noticeable as coats but camo blends in with the background(10 Things).

Amort1939.gas mask pripyat chernobyl

Gas Masks were useful because they kept poisonous gas from going to the face were you possibly breathed it in. Also served as some protection towards the face because the mask was thick material(10 Things).

NIAID.Syringe and Vaccine

Vaccines were really useful because the soldiers were getting sick being close together and under worse conditions and getting typhoid a lot. Because of vaccines being used lots of deaths were avoided(10 Things).

Created By
Logan Breneman


Created with images by ThruTheseLines - "READY TO RUSH AN ENEMY TRENCH." • State Library of South Australia - "Gallipoli Trenches" • State Library of South Australia - "Men in the trenches" • Archives New Zealand - "New Zealand soldiers in the front line on the Somme, La Signy Farm, France" • State Library of South Australia - "Trench Warfare at Gallipoli" • Naval History & Heritage Command - "2010-136-1 Entrenching Tool,World War I" • bobbi vie - "#fashion : #bobbivie + #lookbook #166" • Amort1939 - "gas mask pripyat chernobyl" • NIAID - "Syringe and Vaccine"

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