My Grade 9 Self Sonja rechsteiner

Hi, I'm Sonja and I'm here to tell you a little bit about myself. I live on a dairy farm outside of Molesworth with my dad and sister and my mom lives in Grand Valley. I milk the cows in the evening and feed the heifers in the morning before I go to school, I believe that this teaches responsibility and hard work. I play many different sports such as soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and I also enjoy bowling.


During the fitness unit, My fitness scores for flex arm hang has decreased and for vertical jump it stayed the same. I think that my flex arm hang score decreased because I haven't been as active as I was when I did the first fitness test. My vertical jump stayed the same because I haven't grown.

Field Hockey

There are several challenges I faced while playing field hockey. Firstly, I had trouble shooting the most because you have to try and lift the ball in the air to get a harder shot. Secondly, I found out that turning is a little difficult because you can only use left side of the stick so you have to turn your whole body.

Track and field

There are many different track and field events that I would participate in. Firstly, I would participate in high jump because it's my favourite event and is really easy for me, last year my highest jump was 1m 30cm and doesn't have much running involved.


Volleyball fans from all over the world have every reason to celebrate because the sport we love is the world’s 5th most popular sport. Believe it or not, volleyball is way ahead of the following popular American sports like MLB, NBA and the NFL. If I had a teammate that was struggling with their skill execution I would try to teach them some of my ticks that help me and some tips.


How to hut a football

  • 1)Face the oppisite direction of the quarterback
  • 2)Set the ball on the ground in between your feet and bends your knees
  • 3) Wait for the quarter back to give the signal
  • 4)Then push the ball in to the air towards the quarterbacks chest.


In Badminton I prefer to play doubles because It's a lot easy when there's someone there helping you retrieve the birdie and you have someone there to tell you if it's out or not , but there are some difficult things in doubles because if your teammate doesn't call it and then no one gets the birdie or when you both go after it.

Decision making

Schools focuse on strong decision making because making one mistake can ruin what you do in the future, for example drugs can make you drop out of school or skipping the classes can make you fail classes and not passing high school. Everything you do now will reflect on your future.

The advice I would give to a grade 8 is to forget all the bad things your teacher told you about high school because it's really not that bad in high school as long as you pay attention, go to class and take notes you'll get through grade 9 just fine.


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