Down Syndrome Genetic DIsorder project

What is Down Syndrome???

Down syndrome is a disorder arising from a chromosome defect, causing intellectual impairment and physical abnormalities including short stature and a broad facial profile.

What causes Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome occurs when an individual has a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21. They can be inherited in different ways: autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive

What are its symptoms? Is it lethal?

Its symptoms are Short Neck, Poor Muscle Development,Heart Problems,Brushfield Spots,Poor Judgment,Slow Learning,etc. Down Syndrome isn't lethal.

How is it treated?

Well far as I've researched all i could find is that its being treated with therapy.

Is there a population that is most greatly effected?

Technically there isn't a specific group of people who get Down Syndrome, Down syndrome occurs in people of all races and economic levels. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 6,000 babies are born in the United States each year with Down syndrome, or approximately 1 out of every 691 live births.

What is Down Syndromes history?

In 1866 British, John Langdon Down, for whom the syndrome is now named, first described Down syndrome, as “Mongolism.”The term Down syndrome didn't become the accepted term until the early 1970s.

How does Down Syndrome affect society?

Down Syndrome doesn't affect the society. People with Down syndrome attend school, work, have meaningful relationships, vote and contribute to society in many wonderful ways.

Are there any new scientific advances used to fight this disorder?

At the moment the really isn't because Down Syndrome is just a disorder and isn't really a disease so its just treated by therapy.

This is Edward Barbanell has Down Syndrome and he is  a comedian who has appeared in the Jackass series.

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