Sexual Exploitation Is it ok?

What is sexual exploitation?

Sexual exploitation is a type of sexual abuse. When a person is exploited they're given things, like gifts, drugs, money, status and affection, in exchange for performing sexual activities. People are often tricked into believing they're in a loving and consensual relationship

This workshop shows what sexual exploitation is, what to do about it and the basics of positive relationships

Friendships and relationships are a rich and important part of everyone's life- and that includes people with a learning disability.

People with learning disabilities have the same rights to consensual and loving relationships as anyone else.



Types of relationships

There are lots of different types of relationships. Here are some examples

Romantic - boyfriend/ girlfriend, wife/ husband

Family- Mum, brother, cousin

Friends - someone you are close to

Professionals- Doctor, dentist

Acquaintance- Someone who you know but aren't close to

Strangers- Someone who you don't know

Personal space

Personal space is the space between you and other people. You should always give people personal space so you both feel comfortable.

Personal space is smaller for people that we feel very close to, such as parents and siblings.

The less you know someone the more personal space you should give them.

Where would you put them?

Where in the space circle would you place these people?


We are usually very close with our families and therefore they would be in the blue circle closest to us.

However some members of your family you might not feel as comfortable with, that's fine just give yourself more space.


If you are in a romantic relationship you may want your partner to be very close to you in the blue circle.

This is fine as long as you are both happy being in each others space.


Friends would usually give each other a bit more personal space and would be in the green circle.

Sometimes you might be closer to your friends, that's fine as long as you are both comfortable


A doctor is a professional helper so would be in the orange circle.

However sometimes a doctor may need to help you so would need to come into your personal space.


Strangers should remain in the red circle as you don't know them.

Police officer

A police officer is a professional helper so would be in the orange circle.

However sometimes a police officer may need to help you so would need to come into your personal space.

Personal space is.... PERSONAL to everyone! Make sure you feel comfortable. If you don't feel comfortable don't be scared to ask for your personal space.

Can I trust them?

Below are 4 videos, each of them lays out a scenario with a friend. You need to decide would a real friend do that? Can you trust them?

What does a good friend look like?

What makes a good friend?

Make a list of what you think makes a good friend


What is consent?

Consent is when you give someone permission to do something or agree to do something yourself.

Everyone will have different feelings about what they do and do not like. This will be different for each person you have a relationship with.

If someone does something that makes you feel uncomfortable, do not let it happen and ask them to stop.

If someone performs a sexual act and you do not give CONSENT, it is a sexual assault or rape which is against the law and very serious.

If you are a victim of sexual exploitation it can make you feel ....

Angry, Worried


Guilty, Ashamed

Frightened, Sad

Remember it is not your fault

How to report sexual exploitation

Talk to someone you trust: parent, carer, friend, support worker

Phone the police: 999 in an emergency or 101

Talk to the safeguarding Hub or Adult Safeguarding in your area: Carlisle - 0300 303 3249

Contact The Bridgeway Team: 0808 118 6432

Created by Carlisle Mencap, Funded by Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner

Any query's please email: enquires@carlislemencap.co.uk


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