Puncheur CX presented by Devon Bicycle Association

Registration information

Closes Oct 11th at midnight. No race day registration. Race Day is Sunday Oct 14

Register on ZONE 4

License information

Must be a member of an ABA sanctioned club. ABA race licence required or sign up for a single event licence 10$.

Single Event License (SEL)- Available $10 on zone 4 with registration. Only allowed 2 SEL per year. Must race Novice/Citizen men or Sport/Citizen category women.


Main race:$40.00

Kids Race: Free

Single speed race: $5.00 (funds go towards BEARS youth mountain bike program) 0r $10.00 race day

Sign-on information

Sign on at race site voyageur park. Open at 8:30

Sign on and parking at Voyager Park


Categories for licensed riders are as below. New cross racers will compete in the cyclocross category corresponding to their respective Road or Mountain Bike category, whichever is higher.

Categories Categories for licensed riders are as below. New cross racers will compete in the cyclocross category corresponding to their respective Road or Mountain Bike category, whichever is higher.

Race schedule

Sign On and License Check: Open at 8:30

Course Open to Pre-Ride 8:30-9:15 (45 min)

Sport Men 9:20 (40min minimum)

Novice/Citizen Men 10:20 (40 min)

Sport/Citizen Women 11:20 (40 min minimum)

KIDS RACE 12:15 (15 min)

Course Open to Pre-Ride 12:30-1300 (30 min)

Open Men 13:10 (60 min)

Open Women 14:30 (40 min minimum)

Expert Men 15:45 (50 min minimum)

SingleSpeed Race (no points)

Please check with commissaires between races for pre-riding.

Call-up: Eight riders will be called up before each race, except for Novice Men. Call-up will be based upon current UCI standing followed by current Alberta Cup standing.

Kids Race

-Actual mini cyclocross course complete with kid-sized barriers.

-Run bikers, training wheels and tricycles welcome

-Any little shredder under the age of 12.

-race is 10-15min depending on kid-category

Single Speed Race

$5.00 - goes to the Devon Bears Youth MTB program. (race day registration allowed - but then cost is $10.00 donation to bears youth MTB program)

Special swag for SSCX only!

1st Female and First Male will be recognized on the podium. If you are a winner you are required to get a custom designed pre-made temporary tattoo to commemorate your achievement .

One start - guys and girls together.

Single Speed Required - as in only ONE usable gear.

-can use a designated SS bike

-if your bike has sram shifters you can zip-tie the shifter

-you can crash in the regular category race and destroy your derailleurs to the point of only one functioning gear

-Do what you need to - ONE SPEED ONLY

Race is 30min Long

Location of course

Lap distance estimated 3km

Location of course: Course located at Voyageur Park, Town of Devon.

Directions to event: Take highway 60 into Devon. Turn east on Athabasca Ave. Take left onto Superior St (first stop sign). Turn left onto Saskatchewan drive. First parking lot to the right. There are 2 parking lots available at voyageur park.

Contact information

Stew Hutchings - stew.sharon@shaw.ca

Regulations / Anti-Doping Statement

This event will be run according to ABA/CC/UCI regulations. Riders are responsible to know and understand them.

The ABA complies with and fully supports the UCI anti-doping regulations, the clauses of the world anti-doping code and it’s international standards in which the UCI anti-doping regulations refer and to the anti-doping regulations of other competent bodies as per the regulations of the UCI


The ABA follows UCI international rules when it comes to the type of bike you can ride in the race.

Elite Men, Expert Men, Open Women and Sport Men must only ride on cyclo-cross bikes. Novice Men and Sport Women can use cyclo-cross or mountain bikes.

First Aid:

EMR available on site. Devon General Hospital, Emergency room located at 101 Erie street Devon.

Food, Water and Washrooms:

We will have a food truck on site with 10$ voucher included with race fee for category racers.

Snacks, juice boxes, and washrooms on site.

Race Numbers:

Bring your ABA cyclocross race numbers; racers needing numbers will receive them from the Technical Delegate.

*Upper Arm numbers: placed on upper forearm, facing forward.

*Body number: placed in the middle of your lower back.

Your ABA cyclocross numbers are yours for the season.

Please bring pins.

Race numbers must be placed as seen to the right. One body number on lower back and 2 shoulder numbers.

Replacement numbers are available at a cost of $10. Riders forgetting to bring their numbers to an event may purchase numbers from the ABA Technical Delegate ($10) at their next event.

Mechanical Zone:

There is no feeding in cyclo-cross; neither is a feed zone provided.

Riders may carry water on their person or their bike.

The race will have a mechanical zone. In the mechanical zone you can leave spare wheels, bikes, or anything else you might need. Make sure you label your stuff and collect it after your race. The organizers will not be held responsible for anything lost or stolen.

There will be one double equipment pit as marked on the course map.

Red mark- tech zone

The exchange of equipment between riders is forbidden. Equipment changes may only take place in the equipment pit. Rider may change wheels or bikes only in the equipment pit. Riders may only use the equipment pit lane to change equipment.

Preliminary prize information

Cash prizes for Open men and Open women: minimum 3 deep depending on registration.

Other categories: top three prizing contributed by local sponsors. Citizen racers excluded.

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