Happy Life Home

I'm sure that everybody wants a big house, or a technologic house that does everything for you ! And that's what I will show you.

There's a robot who's doing anything for you. For example, he can brush your teeths, do your grocery, he can do the household etc.

The walls and the windows are so solid that a rocket can not break them. The interior of my house is all made of glass.

In this happy life home house, all the table, the mirrors and the walls are like an Ipad. For example you can go on facebook if you want. The fridge is electronic. You are not obligated to go out to make your grocery. You have the choice: you can send your robot or you can make a list on your fridge and your food is going automatically in it !

My courtyard is very big. There's an olympic pool, a ice rink who can stay intact in summer time if you want to install a dome right above it and it's the same thing for the pool but it can work in winter time !

In my entry, I have a big garage with a beautiful honda civic in it. My garage door is made of window so everyone can see my car ! I have an electronic driver and it can drive me wherever I want to go !

So I hope that give you the taste to buy a big and beautiful house like that !


Created with images by nxvette - "honda civic view"

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