The B.O.B. or Bug Out Bunker was developed by Contingent Group in conjunction with industry leading suppliers and manufacturers. Our vision is to build the most complete modular life support environment ever offered to public and private consumers.

When you buy a B.O.B. you aren’t getting a one sized fits all product. Instead each client will work directly with our team of retired former Navy SEALs, SWAT, First Responders, Technologist and Survival experts to develop a custom solution that meets the needs of your environment, possible threats and overall survival situation.

Each B.O.B. is personally built, transported and installed at your desired location by a project management team that will oversee proper setup, utility connections and commissioning of the system.

In summary, the B.O.B. is the most advanced and personalized survival system available. By combining physical security and extended life sustaining supplies in an all in one offering, you can have piece of mind that whatever may and can happen, you and the ones you care about will be around to see better times.

Ability to fully customize layout to best suite the needs of you in respect to family/company size, geography and environment.


  • Power/Energy
  • Weaponry/Tools
  • Climate Control
  • Food/Water Supply
  • Medical Equipment
  • Communication Systems

Designed by industry leading engineers in conjunction with subject matter experts from Contingent Group.

For more information email us at info@contingentgroup.com and one of our sales associates will follow up with you shortly.

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