Psychoanalysis Idea Of the study of the unconscious mind created by sigmund freud. He beLieved our Unconscious mind was a shmorgesborg of bad thoughts and unaccpeting memories

A popular method of Psychoanalysis is free association. It is freely responding to stimuli with whatever they thought of immediately. The idea was used to trick the unconscious mind and hopefully catch it off-guard, so he could know what a person's true personality was like. What a person sees often gives a clue to someone's personality. When I first looked at this photo, I saw two people kissing in the white. Some people might say that people who notice something in white are more positive-minded, meaning I am a more positive minded person.
A personality structure from Freud that would best describe me as a child and sometimes even present-tense me would be Id. Id is a personality structure of pure unconsciousness. It also is subject to people having aggressive tendencies. I acted purely out of emotion and I was a very bratty kid until I got what I wanted. I also had tendencies to get into some trouble as a child because I acted without thinking and ended up paying the consequences later. A lot of this was because my parents were often bossy and were very strict with me. This caused me to be more rebellious and really shadow the Id part of my conscious.

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