Breast Cancer Research: From Science to Art Juliet Sailo (Fashion Designer) and Quan Zhu (Salk Institute Scientist)

Quan Zhu's research at Salk Institute revolves around the importance of maintaining the integrity of the genetic materials in the human body in order to prevent cancer. DNA cells are injected with different fluorescence dyes and the lengths of green versus red fibers in cancer and normal cells are measured to determine if a woman has a high risk in developing breast cancer. Above, you see a breast cancer cell.

My intent, as a designer was to replicate the above image by hand-painting on my black silk fabric. Using foam paint, I was able to replicate this extremely well.
I painted the sleeve of my gown using a DNA cell as the reference.

The DNA cell.

Foam Paints: It took a lot of experimentation, using foam paints, but I mastered my technique.
I’m ready to cut the fabric.
And the sewing begins.
More Hand Painting.
I am a detail-oriented designer. I wanted to add a shoulder stand for emphasis and I used Chinese hand fans, which I mounted on a foam base.
Almost complete....
I also decided to create a hat. Many techniques were incorporated in these two pieces.

I even involved 'fire'!

My dress has modular pieces. Here you see more of my painting on some of these.
Here I am, with my partner, Quan Zhu, who is a beautiful and kind scientist
I am very inventive. This hose will serve a unique purpose in the back of my gown!
This is a prototype of my garment, to test my pattern. I use whatever fabrics I have that will suit the style and the final fabric. It’s a little ‘wild’, but it told me what I needed to know.
This was my starting point; my concept of where I wanted to go, to transform cancer cells into something beautiful, yet tell a story.
Front sketch of the garment.
Garment in Process.....

Applying embellishments.

This part of my dress tells a story. The sheer left side of the garment represents the non-healthy breast and is decorated with rhinestones. which is slightly exposed, and beautiful as the strength of a woman.The right side of the garment is the healthy breast.
My dress evolves: the side view.
The design of my back gown is a statement.
I am so pleased to be part of this collaboration. ~Juliet Sailo~

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