The Evolution of Disney Channel Characters Animated Cartoons to rEAL-LIFE CHARCTERS And whythey've changed

This is one of the shows Disney Channel produced, "The Proud Family." it's animated as you can see.
"Liv And Maddie", it's also a show which is based off of a family but it uses real life characters instead of cartoon characters like how the show "The Proud Family."
Is there a reason for Disney to want to cancel cartoon shows so soon... Where as to some shows have been aired longer just because they use real characters?

Children most probably enjoy watching shows that use real-life characters rather than cartoon characters because the conflicts these real-life characters face are pretty relatable to teen watchers. Cartoon characters on the other hand, have problems which are pretty humorous or unreal such as getting beat up by another character and getting smashed by a huge hammer!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse doesn't really talk about one of the characters having a problem between their family or friends.
The show "Liv And Maddie" on the other hand is using human characters and these characters always face problems that can be related to from adolescents.

Teens most probably get complaints from their parents such as "You're too old to be watching cartoons!" Or "You should be watching something more mature! Cartoons are for babies!" As parents scold their children, they slowly stop watching the show and Disney Channel producers would find out why they are losing views on the shows which will make them take down cartoons and put up more mature shows which use real-life characters.

Younger children are not watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" these days aren't they..? They're mainly watching what their older siblings are watching and get hooked to it.

Since all these younger children are starting to watch what teens are watching, "Disney Channel" is losing views for the specific cartoon shows, which is making them remove the show and adding in more shows that children enjoy watching.

In conclusion, I think "Disney Channel" has changed their shows by taking down their shows that use cartoon characters and bringing out more shows which use real sets and real humans as characters because they are probably losing their views. Children's interests have also been changing over the past years which makes an impact on how many people watch the cartoons.

That is all for my presentation!

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