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What forces work for and against the supranational cooperation among nations?

A force that works for and against supranational cooperation among nations is a trading bloc and the common market.The centripetal force of the common market is that it is easier to travel in the EU countries. People can find work easily and they work together to meet economic goals. The trading bloc is important because it helps goods move around freely without raising tariffs.The centripetal force of the common market is that it is easier to travel in the EU countries. It is useful to have the common market because the countries work together instead of competing. It helps goods move across borders with no trouble.The trading bloc and the common market are really helpful to have in the EU, because of it, people and goods don't have any problems moving across the borders.

This is the most common currency, the euro. Almost every country in the EU uses it.

What do you think is the most effect style of government and whY?-2/7/17

Democracy is the most effective style of government. Every citizen has a say and not one leader has all the power. In democracy, there is separation of power. The power is split between three branches. Separation of power is important because not one branch has all the power and they can not control the country. Next, in democracy, all the citizens have full rights, and they can all vote to change the government. That is important because the government is limited, the citizens control it. If the citizens don't like the constitution, they can change it. In all, our country is one of the most successful countries in the world, and our government is democracy.

This is democracy. The citizens of the place vote to change the constitution.

What makes a good citizen?-2/1/17

Being a good citizen means being a person that follows the laws of the city, state, or country. A state law would be paying taxes on things a person buys. People have the right not to follow these laws, but then, the person who doesn't follow them wouldn't be a good citizen. In the city or home, people might have a responsibility. In a house, a responsibility might be a chore, like washing the dishes.

People work together as good citizens to make a difference.


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