ABC's of Africa by. Kaylyn Caldera

A for Africa- Second largest continent in the world located South of Europe. Africa was also once part of Pangea that shaped the current.

B for Britain- Colonized Africa

C for Cocoa- The cocoa bean is grown in Ghana

D for

E for Equator- The equator lays right down the middle of Africa above Lake Victoria. The equator is the line the horizontally splits the line in half.

F for France- Colonized Africa

G for Gold- Africa is the major producer of 30% of golds global production. Gold mine production is centered on underground and open pit operations.

H for

I for Italy- Colonized Africa

J for Jukskei- A famous sport played in South Africa similar to ring toss. Jukskei is also a major river in Africa.

K for Kilimanjaro- Highest mountain on the African continent. Towers over 19,300 feet tall.

L for

M for

N for Nile- Worlds longest river is located in Africa. Length is about 6,695 kilometers (4,160 miles) long.

O for

P for Portugal- Colonized Africa

Q for Quran-

R for

S for Salt-

T for Tutski-

U for Udu-

V for Victoria-

W for

X for Xenophobia-

Y for Yoruba-

Z for Zulu-


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