Lamborghini By Jack Jacobus

The history of Lamborghini: this legendary car company all started out as a high end tractor company. But hen in 1963 a person you know as Enzo Ferrari he insulted the owner of Lamborghini which then lead to Lamborghini starting to produce the cars you know today.
How did Lamborghini Grow? lamborghini at first started as a very small company with limited abiliy to grow. But there success continued with all the cars that they made starting with the 350 gt and then the Miura and all they way up to the well known cars they make today.
What makes a lamborgini worth its price tag? Well lamborghini's are very expensive to make for example a lamborghini aventador retails for about $400,000 and lamborghini spends about $350,000 to make one so they only make $50,000 a car which is nothing. this large amont of money goes into buyingf and useing the best enginezs the best carbon ceramic brakes, the lightest and strongest carbon fiber and building materials all to make lamo's as fast as possible/

All Lamborghini's ever produced from oldest to newest. Starting now with the gt350.

Click the box below to play. Click each black box to learn about that time in Lamborghini's history.
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Thanks for reading all about my project hope you learned something.
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