Slash and burn farming Dylan, Carmen, Silvia & Anton


  1. Techniques
  2. Environmental impact
  3. Is the technique successful?
  4. Group opinion

Slash and burn definition:

Slash and burn is a way of shifting the agriculture in which the vegetation is cut down and burned after they have finished, when it turns infertile, they move to a new location and do it all over again, this is done over and over.

This technique has been mainly used in central america and mexico aswell for hundreds of years, the amazons is a good example of this, large areas of the rainforest are protected by law, the 32% of the amazon is under government protection.

There is currently a big discussion between the environmentalists and the people who want to develop of what remains of the amazon, the slash and burn technique is mainly used here as it is a huge are where they can burn the trees down, and plant their crops

Enviromental Impact:


- GLOBAL WARMING: causing climate change. This technique increases the amounto of CO2. One of main causes of climate change.

- Soil erosion: cause vegetation problems. The soil then can't hold the tree roots and trees can blow.

- Water resource: forest (trees and plants) are an important water source for water cycles, by absorbing water form rianfalls. It also helps in pollution run off


- Loss of species: species who live in those areas can reach to its extinction. Needed for hunting and medicine cars. Plants and animals can also be used for medicinal research.

- Respiratory problems: people in the sorrounidng breathing the smoke from this technique.

- Soil problems: difficulties to crop

Slash and burn technique positive and negative ideas

Positive: clearing the land for cultivation, crop rotation which avoids putting the same plant in the same oil

Negative: in some areas people cut trees and vegetation and leave it as it falls on the ground, the cultivation have been heated up

Group opinions

The group has had different opinions about the slash and burn farming this far as it comes to the criticism of MEDCs towards said techniques.

Part of the group agree with the said technique being criticised, as the burning of trees isn't beneficial for the world's nature. On the other hand, another part of our team disagrees with the MEDCs, as they are also not apporting positive effect on the nature and do also chop down trees and plants, despite it being for different purposes. Also, the other half of the group agrees on the fact that the MEDCs should propose a new farming method before complaining about the LEDCs' farming methods.


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