Beach Boiii Life is short spend it here

Our seal is a purple sunset
Life should be spent relaxing & having fun. So, spend it here at the beach
1. Relax at beach for at least an hour. 2. Go to school for 2hrs every other day. 3. Work for at least 2hrs every other day. 4. know how to dance, swim, do the hula and play volley ball. 5. No bedtimes or sunburns. 6.Everyone gets food. 7.Only have 4 kids. 8. Start working when 16. 9. No offending other people, stealing, murdering, breaking rules, & have to have a permit to leave. 10. Learn how to drive when 12 years old.
our location is a hawaiian island
1. wake up when you want too 2. Eat breakfast after 7am but before 11am 3. Eat lunch after 12pm but before 4pm 4. Dinner after 5pm but before 8pm. MUST HAVE TO DO SOMETIME DURING THE DAY... 1. Relax at beach for at least an hour 2. Work for at least 2hrs 3. Go to school for at least 2hrs every other day
Our government is a Monarchy, but with 2 people leading. We chose this so Ava and I could be the leaders.
Come to our island because... There are no sharks, sting rays, jelly fish, and no sunburns. There is also less school. EVERYONE gets food. You also learn to drive when your 12. Also many other things! So come join us at Beach Boiii island.
Created By
Olivia matern Ava Ward


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