Riesler Delaney Tarr, p.4

The Anthozoa Mustelidae, or Riesler, is a marine mammal that resides mainly in coral reefs.The Riesler belongs to the same family as an otter, the Mustelidae, which consists of many small mammals. The subdivision Anthozoa refers to that of coral reefs, which the Riesler has quite the connection to. The Riesler is also often called the Reefer, due to its habitat.

The Riesler resides in coral reefs, most specifically the Great Barrier reef. This means that it lives in the Benthic zone, as well as the Euphotic Zone, the Neritic Zone, and the Epipelagic zone.

The Riesler has many physical characteristics similar to that of an otter. That is, it possesses a snout, with clawed paws and a tail, and a thick body. Yet, unlike the otter, this creature is more adapted for the coral reefs. Since the waters there are so warm, the Riesling needs no thick fur, it instead is more sleek like a dolphin. It has a longer snout, to help with its hunting habits. Along with that, the Riesling also has a brightly colored back that allows it to camouflage within the reef during hunting, and a powerful fish-like tail that propels it between the corals. It is smaller than an otter, and slimmer. It also has barnacles on its back that develop as extra camouflage.

To propel itself through the water, the Riesling uses its powerful tail, with fishlike fins. This flexible appendage allows it to make sharp turns and adjustments while still maintaining speed. While it certainly can hold its breath for a long time- thirty minutes in one breath- it must come up for air and breath in the oxygen from the atmosphere.

The Riesler feeds on smaller fish, specifically ones that hide in small cracks and crevices. The pointed snout lets it reach inside the holes and pull fish out. It also eats small crustaceans off the reef floor.

The Riesler, like the otter, normally has one cub at a time. The two creatures will mate, and the female Riesler will carry the fetus until she gives live birth, after which the cub will follow the mother for 6 months, until it is viable to go live on its own.

The Riesling, often called a Reefer for its residence in coral reefs, uses camouflage as its main defense mechanism. When larger predators approach, it will hide away under the coral, appearing as just another part of the reef.

The Riesling is a Nekton. It dives freely among the ocean, swimming around. It can actively maneuver throughout the water column.

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