My Life As A Rock Told By rockso the rock, written by sofie hekster

Hi, My name is Rockso, and I live the the peaceful premises of the clouds. I was raised and created here until my parents, started their adventure on being a rock, going from one place, to another. One day, I wish to travel on the same adventure and where I end up. Currently, my parents told me I am a sedimentary rock. A sedimentary rock is a type of rock that has been deposited by water or wind.

Speaking of water, I think my adventure is starting. A soft cold breeze sways passes through my cold, hard, rocky body. Then, a soft drizzle appears. I pray that I go with it. With my luck, the rain picks me up, and throws me off the clouds and I fly through the earth, coming closer and closer to my new home. A large blue watery sight comes to my eyes. I can’t believe it. I never knew the ocean would be so beautiful. Anyway, I snap back into reality, noticing I’m soon going to land in the ocean. My mom told me that one day I would reach the Ocean, the Pacific Ocean.

I splash into the ocean, and I am refreshed by a burst of cold water. In the Ocean, I meet seashells, and fish of all sizes and colors. Around a day later, my adventure continues to unfold. I was sleeping on my seafloor bed, with the sun scorching its heat above me. I closed my eyes and woke up in the middle of the sky. I was evaporating! I zoom up to the clouds. But I don’t want to get to specific. You know what happens. I rain again. But This time, I got to touch land. Land. I was the happiest little rock on earth. “I’m Freeeeee!” I shout with glee.

Now here is the worst part of my journey. I thought I was free, Instead I wake up in a hundred of little pieces. I was so upset. I liked being on whole rock… Oh, I forgot to tell you, at this stage, I was in the soil. Although I really was upset with being broken down, I thought to myself If I am in a million pieces in the soil, Am I helping farmers with agriculture? I think I am correct. The blooming tomatoes around me were in desperate need of help, so I thought I should help them, by being the soil. I stayed like that for a while actually, but then, before I know it, I’m being pressured by hundreds of other rocks like me. "Oh my gosh, everybodies here!" I shout to myself. Suddenly hundreds of other rocks look at me confused.

They told me I was now a Metamorphic rock, which I think means changed in shape from pressure, well that’s only in my situation. I was stuck here for a while, but I thought it was worth it. I met a rock called Sherrock Holmes and his Assistant Rockston. They were pretty cool rocks if you ask me. They told me they were on a quest to find the actress Emma Stone. Well, enough about being in the Earth’s Interior, Something's happening to me.

It’s much hotter here. I think I see something hot, and gooey? Wait, am I going to become an Igneous rock and be oozing Magma?! Wow, I am excited. I get forced out of my volcano, coming from the middle of the earth. I think to myself again. Oh No! I’m harming the environment by being this polluted mess! That was 100% true. While slowly oozing out of the volcano “Mauna Loa” I waited, and waited, until I reached the Ocean. The Ocean was a refreshing break from being in the earth’s interior and in Magma for so long. I reach the Ocean and a fizz comes from my bottom. Probably a chemical reaction to hot liquids and colder liquids. I thought to myself. But wait, I’m not an igneous rock anymore!

I’m back to being Sedimentary. But overall, nothing else really excited happened on my journey. Well, I think my journey will never stop. For now at least. My first time of being a Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rock life is still beginning. But I’m ready to keep going. Are You?

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