The Hero's Journey By Finley Blair

Bolt is an ordinary dog who loves his owner Penny. He believes he is a super dog but is really in an action tv show. Bolt lives to protect Penny and once he believes she's in danger he goes on a journey to save her. One day Bolt sees Penny being kidnapped and is determined to save her; what he doesn't know is that Penny is safe. This is when he is called to adventure. He is called to save his owner Penny.

Before Bolt takes on his mission to save Penny he first has to escape the trailer he lives in every night. Two cats that like to tease Bolt open the window of the trailer and Bolt lunges out to escape and search for Penny. He then continues on his journey. In this moment Bolt has crossed the threshold.

When Bolt escapes he realizes his powers are not working and throughout the movie he has to battle the fact that he will have to save Penny without his known powers but with normal abilities and smarts.

While on Bolt's journey him and the cat that he has been holding hostage get captured by animal control and are sent to the pound. Bolt escapes with the help of his faithful companion Rhino but Mittens still finds herself in a cage in the pound and Bolt and Rhino go help her escape too. This is a moment in the movie where the characters are in the "belly of the whale".

Towards the end of the movie there is a fire in the movie studio, Penny is trapped and Bolt has to save her. They both become trapped in the fire and there seems to be no way out but Bolt then uses his "super bark" to communicate to the firefighters and to get them out of the fire. This is also an example of being in the "belly of the whale".

Bolt goes on his quest to save his owner Penny and when he finally finds her Penny is trapped in a fire. Bolt finds his way into the fire, uses his "super bark" in order to help them both escape. In this way Bolt is the hero.

The three birds in "Bolt" are the first creatures he comes across. They send him in the direction of Mittens who helps guide Bolt back to Hollywood in order to save Penny.

On Bolt's journey he meets a hamster named Rhino. Rhino admires Bolt and when he hears that Bolt is in trouble and needs to find and save Penny, Rhino immediately jumps on the opportunity to accompany Bolt and help him throughout his journey.

In the movie "Bolt," Mittens is first introduced as a con artist who uses her tricks to get birds to bring her food. Throughout the movie after she meets Bolt she continues to make his life more and more difficult while trying to escape. Towards the end of the movie Mittens and Bolt get close and Mittens realizes he's not such a bad guy, she loves him and ends up helping him save Penny.

In the movie "Bolt", Penny and Bolt are filming a scene and Bolt believes Penny is kidnapped and the set managers make sure he continues to think that. This triggers his determination to save her and he is called to adventure.

On their journey Bolt and Mittens get kidnapped by the pound and while Rhino helps Bolt escape, Mittens still ends up being put in a cage and Rhino and Bolt have to save her.

In this scene Bolt hurts himself and begins bleeding. This is a significant moment in the movie because Bolt has never bled before and it's a sign that maybe his life isn't what he thought it was.

While on his journey Bolt battles he reality that he does not have super powers like he previously believed and this is quite challenging for him.

The set managers and the dog handlers were the people Bolt had to escape from in order to go on his quest to save Penny. Once he passed them he was all set.

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