The Lost Canoe The story of the 2016 kennedy canoe trip

Pre trip: The first thing we did was pack out in order to prepare for our trip. We put our clothing and food in plastic bags, sized life jackets and canoe paddles, and put everything in seal lines! Seal lines would keep all of our belongings dry and afloat if they fell out of the canoe.

After packing we went on the bus to Wawa, Ontario. It was a 7 hour bus ride, so people slept most of the time. We stopped for a bathroom break a few times, and for food along the way! We ate poutine which is a Canadian dish. It is made of french fries with cheese and gravy.

Day 1: After a night of driving, we got to the start of our route, and set out in our canoes. We got our assigned canoes (3 people per canoe), and equally divided all of supplies and belongings amongst the seven canoes.

We canoed for an hour until we hit a dead end, little did we know, this would not be the only dead end we would hit. We turned around and reached dead end, after dead end, after dead end… By this time it got receptive and irritating. We were started to get impatient, tired , and hungry. We were paddling hard against the current in the intense wind all day, and at the rate we were going we wouldn't get to our campsite until dawn.

We finally found the way, but the issue was there were intense rapids blocking the entrance. There was no way to get through, so after searching for hours we had to turn around and reroute our trip to avoid the lake we were working on entering the entire day

We found a new campsite. It was a small island that had big rocks overlooking the water, a perfect spot for a photoshoot after a long day of canoeing!

Day 2: We packed up camp and set out for a day that would have more dilemmas than the last.

We canoed for a while until we stopped to eat lunch. After lunch, we noticed that two canoes with three campers and two counselors were not behind us. After 30 minutes of not seeing them we stopped at an island to wait for them to catch up and for our staff to find our current location. (Update: the lost canoes never caught up, and our counselors did not really know where we were.)

From far away, we spotted a canoe or two. We hoped it was our lost friends, but we canoed out to it, and it was just a lady named Karen, who lives on the lake. Karen pointed us in the direction of our base camp, Agree, where we could get help. She said she had seen two canoes go that way earlier, so that was most likely the rest of our trip. We canoed there, and screamed the lost names the whole time.

By the time we got to Agree the sun was beginning to set. We could not search anymore, so search parties were sent out. We went to set up camp at Canoe island right across the lake. We were going to stay there. This way we could stay close to Agree just in case we needed anything. At this point we had done our entire 3 days of canoeing in just 2 days, but we were trying to laugh and sing to make the best out of the situation we were in.

When we were in our tents going to sleep, we got the good news that they were found, and they were staying in someone's cabin overnight.

Day 3: Today we woke up, excited to reunite with our friends. We had been extremely worried about their whereabout, and we were all so happy they were found! We left canoe island to go back to agree. We were all extremely tired, and run down from the day before.

We were all back together as one trip again, so luckily there was a happy ending to this crazy story :)

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