VALÉRIE JARDIN Paris workshop street photography april 2017

'Now it is time to grab that camera and hit the streets.'

After visiting an afternoon workshop of Fokko Muller it was time to step up the street photo game. As I started with street photography mainly by the podcasts of Valérie, it seemed only logical to attend to one of her workshops. Even there was one planned in Amsterdam, I found it more interesting to take on of her Paris weekend workshops. And what a great weekend it was.

What a wonderful fun loving group we had.

How much can you do in one weekend? I find out - quite a lot. Meeting a group, get a presentation on street photography - having dinner and have a spontaneous evening shooting results in the first walking miles.

A French market is always a good place to start a day of shooting.

As my photo gear I took my X70 with me: fixed short lens so I need to be close.

As these guys in their deux chevaux drove by, Valérie asked them to stop for minute to give us some time to practice some shots. Lot of fun on both sides.

One of the shooting opportunities: hiding in the shadows to shoot the people towards and from the entrance to the Louvre. Beautiful light over there.

On every corner lots of street shooting possibilities. And on every spot, Valérie explains what kind of shots we can practice on.

Towards the Palais Royal I spotted these two: one relaxing - one stretching.

The master at work: Valérie mentioned to look for 'characters' and this man is certainly one of them. I enjoyed watching how she is stealthy as a street photographer. After half a dozen people photographed him quite in front of him - he asked if he was part of a zoo. There were not so stealthy.

On the square there is this man fishing up coins all day. The coins are thrown in for good luck I reckon. The pigeon never cares.

Must be love.

I love the combination of classic atmosphere, also seen by the passing man and man behind the window.

All those lines make nice scenes.

Petanque player - all day long.
Evening shooting.

Sunday morning: still a day of shooting ahead.

Jardin du Luxembourg with those nice curved chairs must be on the bucket list of every street photographer.

multi tasking

As a first timer for the Paris workshop we visited the Paris Mosque. For certain a complete different scenery with a good atmosphere and finding unusual shots.

Back to the streets of Paris.
There is always a café near by.

Panning was one of the several methods Valérie showed us. Setting up the gear - waiting for the subject - practice - practice - practice. Sometimes I get lucky: this one was taken with only one shot.

When I returned home, people asked me: what did you learn? Was it worth it?

I said to them: Every minute and every eurocent. Being with a group of people who are interested and equally enthusiastic as yourself on street photography feels like a vacation. And having one of the best teachers around it is not possible not to learn. Thank you for that Valérie and Nico, Michaela, Frédéric, Michelle, Thomas, Janet, Debbie and Michael.

All photo's by KatMausie Unlimited 2017

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KatMausie Unlimited


All photo's KatMausie 2017

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